What Homecoming Means

Each family has a unique story to tell. Along with that are the distinct expectations from parents and sometimes, perhaps without meaning to, their tendency to compare their children. And yes, parents deep down really are concerned with how their children are handling their finances, how they are building their future. I see these all at play in this heartwarming video below.

The parents in the video actually remind me of my late parents. Here is the father in the video with seemingly high expectation of his youngest son; he appears stern but at the same time we could see that deep within he wants to see his son investing in the right things. The way he just motivates his son to do so is unfortunately through comparing him to his other son. The mother, on the other hand, somehow softens the sternness of her husband with her care and acceptance of her kids. And, of course, what I love about the video is when the father realizes that indeed his son has been really making a good investment for his future.

Indeed as a typical Filipino member of a family, the video reminds me how important family is in our culture. And that we continue to care for each member of the family even well into our adulthood. The home or having a house is something very important to us as it is a place where we do not only have shelter but it is a place where we could spend time with our loved ones. The video also brings to us the reality that almost every family in the Philippines has an OFW, which is also true for my family. The video is a good reminder that OFWs need to also know what to invest on, how they should also consider the future.

May it indeed be that every Filipino has the means and opportunity of getting their own home. And we are thankful that owning a home with just the right location and price is not impossible, thanks to home developers like Lancris Residences. We are given the opportunity to have our homes to go back to, a place where there can always be a homecoming for each member of the family.

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