Tips for Choosing the Perfect Duck Feather Cushion Pads for Your Home

A duck feather cushion pad, as the name suggests, consists of a plain fabric
that is stuffed with duck feather fillings. The pad is designed to be used with
a cushion cover, which comes in a wide range of fabrics to match any home decor.
Duck feather cushion pads from Luxura are available in different shapes and you
can choose one depending on the shape and size of your cushion cover.
Buying a Duck Feather Cushion Pad
If you are to replace an old and worn out cushion pad, what you need to do is
get the measurement of the dimensions of the cushion covers so you can buy duck
feather cushion inners that match exactly. On the other hand, if you need to buy
new duck feather cushion pads and covers, you should decide first how you’re
going to use them.
Different Uses for Duck Feather Cushion Pads
The type of duck feather cushion pads you will purchase should depend on the
theme or decor of the room they will be used in. It’s important also to think
about how the cushion pads will be used. Below are the different uses for
cushion pads:
Seat Pads
This kind of cushion pad is placed on a hard chair to offer a softer surface to
sit on. You can go for a square cushion pad, or one that has rounded edges. Seat
pads are typically filled with foam, but other materials can be used as well,
such as duck feathers. The good thing about Luxura duck feather cushion inserts
is that they don’t flatten out quickly.
Scatter Cushion Pads
Scatter cushions are the ones typically found in bedrooms and lounges. These
cushion pads may vary in size in order to accessorize a room.
Bolster Cushion Pads
Bolster cushion pads are cylindrical in shape, and they are often used in
bedrooms, chairs and on sofas.

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What Makes Duck Feather Fillings Ideal?
Duck feather cushion pads are gaining popularity nowadays mainly because duck
feathers are light and they trap air really well. As a result, these cushion
pads are light and fluffy. Cushion pads with duck feather fillings can also
maintain their shape for a long time, and they don’t go flat easily. That’s
because duck feathers have the ability to spring back to their original shape
thanks to their natural curl.
When buying a Luxura duck feather cushion pad, consider what the cushion pad is
to be used for, and where it will be placed inside your home. Once you’re sure
where to use your cushion pads, think about what size or shape will best suit
their purpose. Another important consideration is the ease of washing or
cleaning the cushion pad. You want one that can be machine washed at high
temperatures so that dust mites can easily be eliminated.

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