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The Challenge of COVID-19

It’s the 3rd month of the year and how our life has changed indeed.

Life was pretty normal even up to the 1st week of March. COVID-19 which seemed like a distant reality when I first heard of it last December has become pandemic and has affected me in my own corner of the world.

Currently, our city in Mindanao is in Community Quarantine. We are advised to work from home. We have to wear a face mask if ever we do go out to buy groceries or pay utility bills. Our temperatures are checked before we can enter grocery stores and in checkpoints in the city. Our hands are also sprayed with alcohol as we enter establishments. Our church has stopped holding church services (I happened to preach on the last evening service at church).

In the midst of all these changes, we need to go on with life. We can explore ways to also help others, our medical workers, our government to help face this medical crisis. We also need to adjust and accept our limitations in terms of doing what we want to do outside of our home. This is not only for our good but also for the good of others. Social distancing is what key medical people worldwide tell us to do to help the spread of the virus.

I am sharing here an infographic which could be a helpful reminder for us in facing this current health crisis. This is from the World Health Organization:

To also keep track of the current cases worldwide, here is a COVID-19 Tracker provided by the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. This tracker is consistently updated from several key sources worldwide. Click on the countries to get details on number of COVID-19 cases and more.

Let’s keep safe not only for ourselves but also for our family. And for now maintain social distancing to also protect others and their families. Let’s also continue to pray not only for our families and friends but also for our government leaders, our health workers and all those involved in the front line of fighting this disease.

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