The Best Way to Enjoy the Top of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Being at the top of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is like sitting on top of the world with a spectacular view of the entire blazing city right in front of you. Although it is an open venue for tourists and other visitors, there is a process of getting to the top of this iconic structure in Singapore City to enjoy the infinity pool or the Marina Sands Sky Park Observation Deck.

Most people who have been here have enjoyed memorable moments that are hard to get from anywhere else in the state. Check these highlights to know how you can get the same experience.

Understand More About the Marina Bay Sands

This is the most iconic place in Singapore. As a matter of fact, the images of the complex are often used when Singapore is mentioned. It is a resort that is owned by the Las Vegas Sands corporation and was opened in 2010.

The most crucial thing to understand is that it is made up of three skyscrapers that are connected at the top by a glass walking deck. The resort has a hotel with over 2,000 rooms that are available for guests from all over the world.

Features to Enjoy at the Top of the Marina Bay Sands

Before even making the attempt to climb to the top of the Marina Bay Sands, you need to know the features to expect there. Here is a list of the most mind-blowing ones.

·             The Infinity Pool – If you have researched much about Singapore, you have probably heard about these pools in Singapore. Nevertheless, your Visa Express expert will be more than willing to explain more about them to you. Although there are many of them, the infinity pool at the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands is one of the best. It is located on the 55th floor of the building and it gives a panoramic view of the city as you enjoy the cooling water under the hot sun in Singapore.

·             Sands Sky Park Observation Deck – If there is only one place to remember in Singapore, this deck should be it. Apart from being thrilling for people with a height phobia, it is the best place to take selfies and enjoy the spectacular view of the entire city of Singapore and the far horizons. The best thing is that the deck is big enough to accommodate all the available visitors.

How to Access the Features

There are two ways to access the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. If you are staying in the hotel, you will have an easy time taking the lift from your floor’s lobby to the rooftop.

On the other hand, walk-ins will have to go through security checks in the main lobby and use routes that are designated for this. The separation of the route is for the safety of the hotel guests. Both access routes are friendly and there are staff members to guide you.


For now, the biggest question should not be how to get to the top of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore but when to get there. It is time to book your trip and make sure that this is included in your itinerary.

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