Still Blogging in 2020

I have seriously considered during the latter part of 2019 to pull the plug on blogging.

Then I realized I still have some waiting projects! So I will have to see how this will go this year.

Perhaps I will give up one or two blogs depending on their performance this year and my availability to continue writing. Studying has taken my time. Yes, I have enrolled in a masters class beginning last year and hope to graduate in early 2021.

I can’t believe that I have been blogging for 9 years! Yes, 9 years with paid hosting and domain names. Some years have been profitable and others not as much. This year, I intend to keep a keener look whether I should still continue to pursue blogging beyond 2020.

But for now. Here I am still at it 🙂

May you have a great year! For inspiration, I am sharing to you this song to remind you that you and I are not meant to journey 2020 and beyond by ourselves, alone.


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