How About a Bathtub in Your Drawer?

I have this habit of checking out YouTube for home improvement, design and decorating ideas every now and then. I am particularly interested when these are focused on small spaces.  Particularly because my hubby and I don’t have a very large house ourselves — just one that exactly meets our needs 🙂  And unlike him, I am used to living in very small spaces ever since I went away to university. After all, a bigger space had always meant then (and even now), a bigger rent as well.

Now, here is a video about a small apartment that really interested (or should I say) amazed me. Maybe it’s not yours but it’s my first time to see how she has made it possible to have a bathtub even in her limited space. I say hurray to creativity indeed 🙂 Check out her tiny but cozy place and her bathtub (!) in the video below.

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