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Replace Our Years of Trouble with Decades of Delight

I won’t mince words: it has been a hard year.

And I am not just speaking for myself but I believe many others would affirm it.

Life has been especially difficult this year. No thanks in large part to the global pandemic COVID-19. And in some parts to the blatant inaction or unwise response of some government leaders worldwide.

You know what I mean: loss of jobs or businesses, loss of usual routines, loss of health, loss of life.

Yet in the midst of all these, let us soldier on. There will eventually be light ahead waiting for us.

Perhaps you can share this prayer of mine lifted from Psalm 90: 14-15 (The Passion Translation) to the only One who is above and supreme over all this:

Let the sunrise of your love end our dark night. Break through our clouded dawn again! Only you can satisfy our hearts, filling us with songs of joy to the end of our days. We’ve been overwhelmed with grief; come now and overwhelm us with gladness. Replace our years of trouble with decades of delight.

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