My Unsung Hero Called Daryl

My husband, Daryl, and I made our marriage vows before God and men when we were already past 30.

As we were both used to living the single life for a long period of time, both of us had to initially make some major adjustments in our married life. We also had to add this dose of reality: the life of a married couple is not always smooth sailing. And yet there is so much to be thankful for when one chooses to say good bye to single living and yes to married life 🙂

Daryl & me during a trip in Thailand.
Daryl & me during a trip to Thailand.

I would say that I am not what I am today had I not said “I do” to Daryl. I have become, I believe, an even better version of myself, thanks to him.

Daryl, whether directly or indirectly, stirs me even more to value and live out “husay and malasakit.”

Daryl encourages me to do my best in what I do, whether I am writing or blogging or whether I am involved as facilitator/teacher for a course or training. Whenever I have assignments at church to share the Word of God, I am also helped when he gives me feedback. I know that most men are not as communicative as women so it is a good thing when he takes the effort to affirm what I did well and what I could do better. By doing so, I am able to improve in what I do.

There are times when I have this desire to help a person in need but then I get unsure whether I should do so or not. It is such a blessing then when my husband also sees the same need and we could jointly help together this person or family in some practical way. It does help a lot when your partner in life also has “malasakit” for others even those beyond your family circle or group of friends. In fact, my husband has also been active with the men’s group from church and they as a group organize and get involved in activities that could benefit others in the community, in our city. His involvement also inspires me to do my part in serving others.

Daryl with TJFM men's group.
Daryl with TJFM men’s group.

I would not be able to complete this “tribute” to my husband without mentioning how glad I am of his patience and willingness to be involved in household chores. My husband doesn’t mind cooking or washing the dishes at home. In fact, he is the better cook in the house and has taught me to improve in this area. Thanks to my husband, I am certainly doing better in the kitchen now than during my single years.

It says in Proverbs 19:14 (Easy-to-Read Version of the Bible) that a “good wife is a gift from the LORD.” Well, I would also say that a good husband is definitely a priceless gift from God 🙂  I am thankful that God gave me both a husband and a hero 🙂

One more thankful note: I am grateful to Unilab for encouraging bloggers like me to reflect and write about the unsung heroes of our life. Congratulations are also in order as Unilab celebrates 70 years of service to the Filipino people. 


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