Clever Ways to Maximise Your Storage Space

Your home is a sanctuary and respite from a busy life. When you reach a critical mass of stuff, it can stop your life flowing freely. Stepping over junk, losing papers, and not being able to find gadgets will slow down the most organized of people. This is where the adage A place for everything; and everything in its place comes into play. Shelving, rack installations, office filing solutions; all this hardware can be utilised. However, wise choices of furniture can also help maximize storage space.

Check out companies such as Elbowroom, which moved into home storage solutions after starting out with a focus on industrial storage in 1973. This innovator has taken its framework and robust materials from the corporate world and applied them to the home.

Here are some other tips on clever ways to maximise storage throughout your home:

Your home’s entrance

Regardless of how small your place is, it has an entrance. By placing a chair or stool, hanging hooks and a small hat cupboard in it, you have the basic components to stop clutter piling up through the next stop-off in your home. People can sit down, take off their shoes, hang up their jackets and put their hats away.

Your living area

Lots of storage space in the living area means all those much-used items can be put away, creating a clearer and cleaner look. For example, ottomans with space to put snuggly winter blankets for the kids; under-unit shelves to stash video controls, cane boxes for toys or magazines. Placing two or three wall shelves can add an elegant display-based storage solution for photo frames and books.

Your kitchen

What a difference a well-organised kitchen makes to daily meal preparation. First, the pantry. Narrow shelves of 30cm are ideal, any deeper and food tends to get lost and forgotten, just ensure there are plenty of them. Try installing wall brackets to hold microwaves, while extra wall-shelves can double as stylish features and herb racks. Lots of little dedicated spaces are needed for foods, recipe books, cooking utensils, bowls, glasses and plastics if your kitchen is going to function well.

Your laundry

This critical room is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. It makes a fundamental difference as to how easily your clothes get washed and cleaned. The ideal laundry has a wall-hung drier and a washing machine, a cupboard for detergents and the like, a sink, and space to fold clothes. A clever idea is to wall mount shelves for laundry baskets: unsorted washing can be stashed here, as can baskets for individual family members. A good system with shelving and the right containers will pay for itself in valuable time.

Your home office

These days we are seeing home offices used for a crossover of kids’ craft, homework and bill paying as well as the actual running of businesses. So many functions; so little space. A great idea is to have dedicated spaces or boxes or drawers for these different purposes. Half a cupboard for craft; half for office supplies. Two filing drawers devoted to the business, one to house bills.

Whatever your needs or whatever is not fitting into your current space, there are storage solutions on hand. All it takes is a little creativity, a bit of thinking and voila, your life becomes smoother.

Do you have any handy home storage tips to share?

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