What Makes Your Marriage Thrive?

Four years ago today, I said yes to a lifetime commitment. Today, my husband and I continue to build a marriage that satisfies us, that hopefully blesses others and one that glorifies God, the ultimate Author of marriages.

Reaching the state of our married life which I would say is a happy one has not always been easy. Along with the joys are the numerous adjustments, disagreements and yes, the weaknesses.  As for me and my husband, the following have helped us in our journey as a couple:

1. Acceptance and Contentment. Married life is certainly different when my husband and I were still dating each other. In the confines of our home, we see realities in each other that we do not know before. This is where acceptance and contentment comes in. It is also acknowledging that what we are and what we have is enough for each other 🙂

2. Understanding and adjustment. In reality, no relationship can survive without the involved parties seeking to understand and then to adjust to each other. Certainly, we see the importance of these two in marriage. Understanding and adjustment needs to be practised by both husband and wife, not just by one partner.


3. Communication. For understanding to happen, there has to be communication. This was something that my husband and I had to really learn 🙂  For us to be understood we needed to make the effort to speak and to express what is on our minds and of course, make the effort to listen. And this is not  easy. It’s easier to shut off (this is usually my husband) or argue (that’s usually me!!) than to make the effort to really communicate 🙂

4. Humor. There has to be room for lots of laughter in marriage. My husband and I share jokes with each other. And when we find something funny online, we make a point to show it to each other. It takes away tension and stress 🙂

5. Faith in God. And last but not the least, what has made our marriage strong is our faith in God. I believe that if we only think of marriage as a commitment to each other, it would not be enough. A shared commitment to God, a joint faith in Him has been a necessary foundation for us. It has been essential for us in our journey as a couple.

Now what about you? If you are married, what has helped your marriage survive and thrive? 🙂


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