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Let’s Have More Music

Music has played a huge part in my life.

Well, I am not really a musician, but my earliest memories as a child was always having music being played at home. This was through the radio or the stereo or through the guitar playing of my brother. Music would often be played in our house 24 hours 🙂 This means, we drift to sleep with the radio playing and woke up to it the next day. My father also had a stereo installed in our vehicle and this was constantly on as well. And we always had a guitar at home as we were growing up.

I remember it used to be a challenge to buy a guitar back then. There wasn’t a lot of choices. Now, in this time and age, we have so many options 🙂 We can even find ones through the internet, such as through

I continue to enjoy music now. And it is such a good thing that we can find more musical instruments made available online as well as there are several sites you can go to on the web to listen to music. I sure am glad about this as this means we can have more music now and in the years ahead.

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