June Weddings

The month of June came with the weddings of my hubby’s pretty nieces, Denden and Danica to their handsome grooms 🙂  And as families are expected in this part of the world, the hubby and I attended both weddings. Take note that in both weddings we were also assigned as secondary sponsors (we were cord sponsors).

For Denden’s wedding, we had to travel about an hour from Butuan City to be there. It was held at the church just beside the  house of Denden’s family; reception was held on a specially arranged area between their house and the church. Danica’s wedding, on the other hand, was held at a convention center in the city. Both the wedding ceremony and reception were held there.

As always, weddings make me smile. They always remind me that people in love always, always desire to make life-long commitments before God, family and friends 🙂 God bless the newly-wed couples!

Denden & Albert together w/ the bride’s family.


Danica & Rutchel w/ her mom & uncle (my hubby) and Rutchel’s mom.

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