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Songs that Inspire: Great is Thy Faithfulness

There’s nothing like a song to inspire me. Songs, poetry, nature and art are some of the things that inspire me. And yes, the Word of God.

One of the songs, actually, a hymn that particularly blesses and inspires me is Great is Thy Faithfulness. I heard the song when I was already in my teens as it was sung in church. And honestly, I can almost memorize all the lyrics of this song since it has inspired me even then and yes, until now. I also made sure that it was one of the songs sung at my wedding 🙂

A couple of years back, a friend of mine gave me a CD of songs from the group, Selah. I was really pleased because among the songs in the CD is this beautiful hymn.  Now, just maybe, this song will also inspire you wherever you are right now. Below is the live version of Selah singing Great is Thy Faithfulness.

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