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Getting to Know Our Pet Dog Smoothy

We’re happy with the way Smoothy has responded to some basic training we have been teaching her 🙂  And over the past months, I have personally began to notice how Smoothy’s personality as a dog is really influenced by her breed. Smoothy is a mix breed of Shih Tzu and Japanese Spitz. 

I have observed that Smoothy loves to follow Daryl or me around the house. For instance, in the morning if she is inside the house with us, she follows Daryl or me to the dining area when we eat breakfast or drink coffee/tea. After Daryl leaves for work, Smoothy will then follow me to the kitchen as I wash the dishes or back to our bedroom if I need to make our bed. She even follows me to the bathroom! As I close the bathroom door, she waits by the door 🙂  A research on the Shih Tzu breed showed me that this is how Shiz Tzu dogs behave. They are indeed the type of dog which follows you from room to room.

I have also noticed that Smoothy is a “very participative” dog. I often tell my husband, a teacher, that Smoothy should win the “most participative award”.  For instance if, Daryl approaches me on the sofa to kiss me good night while I am still watching TV, Smoothy will run towards me, stay by me on the sofa and even raise herself on her feet as if expecting Daryl to kiss her, too 🙂  She will also attempt to kiss me as well. I think this is part of being a Shih Tzu wanting to be involved in what is going on around her. The Shih Tzu is the kind of dog which wants to do things with you.

Now, we have also noticed how intelligent Smoothy is. Sometimes, we feel like we have a human with us. She has learned to obey the words/commands we have taught her. We have also noticed how she zealously guards and protects our home. She is a small dog but is tough to anyone who comes near to our house, reminding them that this is our property (apparently this means the property of my husband and me and her). She does this by barking and is only pacified when we assure her that the person coming near is a friend or well, the mailman. She loves to play, run. Throw a toy and she would run after it fast and bring it back to you, waiting for you to throw it again and for her to get it. The intelligence, the guarding and protecting streak and the playfulness — I have learned that these are really Japanese Spitz traits.

I appreciate how resourceful Smoothy can be, perhaps part of being an intelligent Japanese Spitz. Check out the photo of Daryl below as he was taking a nap on our living room sofa before dinner. Smoothy had tried to sleep with him on the sofa but Daryl will not allow that. But as you can see on the photo, she found a way to climb on the sofa and found a small corner to sleep on, as near to Daryl as possible! And this desire of doing things with us is well, a Shih Tzu trait as well. Her resourcefulness, her desire to do things with us is really amusing. I had to snap this photo and show it to Daryl 🙂 Needless to say, what she did as seen in the photo below made us both smile.

 photo 6dfc2111-e50c-4da8-9228-b549e8f06a39_zps3gl1u4yw.jpg

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