We are Moving Soon!

Indeed we are 🙂 The hubby and I have been married for 4 years now and this is the first time we will be moving to a place of our own. We made a loan to make this possible, at least what we will pay for monthly will be going towards our own property and not just for rental.

Now, we have to admit that we have not bought much furniture before because we always have it in mind that we don’t want to bring so much stuff when we move to a new place. But looking around our rented house now, I think we could really use some new ones 🙂

1. Sofa. It would be nice to have a new sofa. We have an old one which has unfortunately been discolored; it’s made of material which is kind of difficult to clean. If you ask me why did we buy this one in the 1st place, then let it be known that it was sold to us at a very cheap price by a friend. And my hubby liked it 🙂 I would love to have a sofa in deep brown color or even a dark blue or gray one would do. I want it dark.

2018 Update: We had a sofa cover sewn for our sofa before we moved 🙂 I’m still looking forward to either buying a new one or have it re-upholstered.

My husband checking our new house while still under construction.

2. Dining chairs. Our dining table is still useful and I wouldn’t mind just buying a couple of chairs to go with it. The old chairs are simply begging to retire.

2018 update: My husband purchased a glass dining table while I purchased new dining chairs when we had settled into our new home.

3. Bedstead. It would be great to have one. In the previous house that we rented, we were provided a bedstead to use. As we move out, we would need one.

2018 update: Just last May, the hubby actually bought a wonderful brand new bed as well as a bedstead/bed frame 🙂 

4. Closet. The house we are renting already has a closet that the hubby uses. My clothes are in a smaller closet which we bought after our wedding. With the move, we need a new one for his clothes. Take note also that although I am not really into clothes shopping, I quite often receive several clothes as gifts from families and friends (both slightly pre-loved and new ones), Some of these outfits would even be considered Celebrity Dresses! So yeah, we need some big closets 🙂

5. Kitchen cabinet. We are using the cabinets of our rented house now and so obviously we need one or two in our new home.

20 18 update: What my DIY husband has done was to actually make (!!) closets and kitchen cabinets when we moved! How cool is that 🙂 

So far, these are the essential ones we need as we make the move soon. Expect some update about our furniture shopping in the coming weeks.

We are thankful that God has blessed our marriage and we can now have a new home. We know that He provides for our needs and even our wants.

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