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Dog Movies to Entertain You and Your Kids

There is something about dog movies that tugs the heart.

I think this is true whether you are kid or even an adult already 🙂 And all the more so if you have a pet dog.

Dog movies usually show us the loyalty of dogs to their owners (a.ka. humans). And while dogs impress us with their courageous side, they never fail to also show us their cute side.

Here are 4 dog movies which you can check out and enjoy with your kids. Find them on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  • A Dog’s Way Home (2019). Here we can see the adventures and challenges a dog can face when it is separated from its owner. It also highlights that fierce loyalty of a dog to return to its human no matter what the cost.
  • Unforgettable (2019). This is a beautiful Filipino film which features a cute and wise dog known in real life as Milo. The main protagonist in this movie is played by Filipino actress Sarah Geronimo. The film as many would say is enchanting. Just a heads up: the movie shows the death of a loved one and also the challenges faced by an autistic person.
  • Benji (2018). We saw this on Netflix just this April. This movie made me appreciate how one dog and two kids become family to each other. Just a warning, the opening scene can be heartbreaking.
  • Bolt (2008). This is an animated film which I find quite creative. Bolt stars in a hit television where he has superpowers and is shock to find out that this is not true in real life. Find out how he makes sense of this reality.

There you have it. Watch and enjoy these films. Just in case you have dog movies to recommend, kindly share in the comments section below.

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