Bye-bye Barista!

Perhaps you are buying coffee every day on your way to work – maybe the barista even knows your order and your name. That’s one way to guarantee a great cup of coffee but it can be pretty costly and it’s not all that convenient. With an on demand coffee maker you can enjoy Starbucks®, Tazo and other K-Cup® coffees from all the top brands for just pennies a cup and there’s no need to tip the barista. On demand or single serve brewing systems as they are commonly known have revolutionized the way to make and enjoy coffee.

On demand brewers take up about the same amount of space as a conventional electric drip coffee maker; they require access to an electrical outlet and hold anywhere from one to 12 cups of bottled or tap water. Unlike a conventional coffee maker they do not employ a coffee pot and warming tray or a thermal carafe. This means you have less to clean and it also means you never have to suffer through a cup of burned or stale coffee.

The coffee makers use pre-measured individually sealed coffee pods so you no longer have to buy, scoop and measure coffee or deal with messy coffee grounds and flimsy paper filters. To make coffee you simply place your cup under the brewing port and select a coffee pod – the donut shop brand K-Cup®, for example, that can be found at http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/ for $11.99. Place the pod in the machine and press a button; the machine opens the pod and issues the right amount of water at the correct temperature. It brews the coffee in one minute or less – all you need do is drink it and enjoy. To brew another cup simply discard the spent pod and insert a new one.

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