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Being Ready to Face the Unexpected

A few years back, I was based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Living there, I had my share of challenges. But I certainly had my share of joys. I was doing primarily outreach/mission work but I was also teaching English in a college there.

One Sunday, a Thai friend at church asked me if I was interested to get a personal accident insurance from a Thai insurance company. After weighing the pros and cons of getting one, I finally decided for it. I did not really think that I would end up using it. In fact, I had no idea then how that decision was one of the best decisions I have made while I was living in the City of Angels. Now, what made me say that?

Well, just a week later I had an accident! And I broke one of the bones of my foot! It seemed like a very normal day really but as the sun was about to set, there I was hobbling from the injury, from the fracture.

Thankfully, I had purchased that personal accident insurance! And so, all the needed treatment and medication were all covered. I had to use crutches for 2 weeks and I even had to go through physical therapy to help me walk normally again! Thank God that the cost of my crutches and the physical therapy sessions were all paid as well by the insurance company.

The whole experience taught me firsthand how important it is to get a personal accident insurance. You never know when an accident can happen, and it can be really costly. The amount I paid for the personal insurance plan was so small compared to the benefits that I received for purchasing one.

In the Philippines, you can get an affordable personal accident insurance that will provide you the right coverage. We all know that accidents resulting in prolonged or even permanent injury can immensely affect not just your life but also that of your family and loved ones. Malayan Personal Insurance can be your choice. Malayan provides coverage for expenses or loss of income resulting from an injury or death from an accident.

Malayan Insurance offers the following types of personal accident insurance: Travel Master Insurance, The Rajah Personal Accident Insurance, Family Plan, VIP Personal Accident Facility, Auto PA and Travel Insurance Policy. Go ahead and check out their website to know more about these insurance products. And the good news is you can also directly purchase from their website. That’s what we call convenience and innovation which goes well with security.

We need to be responsible not just in meeting our needs and in providing for our loved ones and families but also in taking good care of ourselves. Regret is not something we enjoy as a companion. As Malayan’s motto goes: Insure to be sure.    

My wish for you then: live your life well. Pursue your life purpose with God’s guidance. Take care of your families and even those beyond your familial ties. Save for the rainy days. And don’t forget to get a personal accident insurance to help you face the unexpected.

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