Seeking Legal Counsel

We wish we have a just, fair and kind world. But unfortunately this is not always the case.

Sometimes other people could hurt us by their word or actions. At times, it may not be done intentionally while at other times, it may be done with a clear aim to harm. The harm or unjust action could be done to our property or to our person.

These are some of my recent experiences as well as those of my close friends wherein we had to seek legal advice due to an unjust and harmful action towards us:

Housing and Property Issues. A couple of years back, my husband and I had to seek the legal counsel of a lawyer because a housing developer did not fulfill his part of the contract in building a house for us which we already paid a down payment for. The guy just kept re-negotiating with us to give him time when the contract clearly says the house was supposed to be built within 6 months. After a year passed, we finally sought the services of a lawyer who wrote the guy of our intent to sue him if he doesn’t return the money to us. The guy then gave us back our money.

Cyberbullying.  A friend of mine became a victim of cyberbullying. Actually, there was just one person who was bullying her, posting her photos online and saying bad things about her due to a simple misunderstanding. I advised her to consult a lawyer. She did not sue the person but she told him she will pursue legal action if he does not stop and that her lawyer will contact him. The guy finally understood that his action has legal consequences and promptly stopped.

Car Accident. It is most unfortunate that a friend of mine lost her husband in a car accident. And to add to her loss is the other party’s insistence that it was the fault of her husband despite the testimony of reliable witnesses of the incident. I encouraged her to employ the services of a lawyer. During times of loss and injury like this, legal support can be very valuable. This is the time to seek out legal help, to contact personal injury attorney tampa.

Just as we seek counselors and/or pastors for help with some of our personal and relational issues, we also need to know when to seek legal advice so that we may take the best steps forward to protect us from what is unjust and from further harm.

Worry-free Travel with Malayan’s Travel Master

One of the things that my husband and I enjoy doing is to travel. And while traveling can be such an enjoyable experience, it also has its share of stresses and challenges. For instance, a good friend of mine recently went on an international trip and it took her almost a month (!) before she got her luggage! Thankfully, we have not undergone such an ordeal in our travels within the country as well as internationally. But I would say that the bottom line is really to consider getting a travel insurance: #InsuretobeSure!

Insure to be sure is a good reminder from Malayan’s Travel Master. This travel insurance is a comprehensive travel insurance for you and me. One must take note that it is Schengen Visa-approved (hello there to everyone whose planning to apply for a Schengen visa soon, you will need this!), it’s available in dollar or peso policy and of course, it provides international travelers’ emergency assistance.

Malayan’s Travel Master Insurance coverage specifically includes the following: personal accident, emergency medical treatment, personal liability, recovery of travel expenses, travel inconvenience benefits as well as travel assistance benefits. But that’s not all. Malayan’s Travel Master also has value added features: free insurance coverage for damage to rented cars, medical treatment and assistance services for accidents resulting from sports activities. As accidents and emergencies do not only happen when you and I fly, Travel Master also provides insurance coverage for travel on ships, trains, and cars! Now, that’s what we can really call as the complete package! It’s all about worry-free travel and enjoying peace of mind on your trip with family and loved ones.

One more thing that I must to mention here is that it is not complicated to avail of Malayan’s Travel Master Insurance. While you may also contact their agent, be aware that you can also purchase your policy online! You can also find a lot of the information you need from their website. You can also visit their social media sites:


So here’s to safe and enjoyable travels to us all!

Songs to Inspire

Over several months, I have been making a playlist of some of my favorite Vineyard songs through the years.

Playing this playlist while I work at home has been such a blessing. The songs are a reminder how God loves us and how we are meant to know Him more. This in turn inspires us to also love others as we pursue God’s purpose for our lives.

Keep Your Child Safe Online

There is no doubt today that the internet has changed the way we communicate. We can easily communicate with our loved ones across the globe via social media and by email which were not the norm a decade back or so. While the easy use of emails has been great, we have also come to face the reality that the internet world is not always a safe place. And so is using emails.

Not all emails that come our way is also safe. There are attempts to steal our personal information. There are scams and even content sent through email that is simply out there to harm us and even our loved ones. And since our kids now have their own email accounts they can, unfortunately, be recipients as well to such content. Thankfully, parents can still give kids email access and at the same time ensure their safety. Thanks to the very useful service provided by KidsEmail.

KidsEmail enables parents to watch over their kids’ safety online. With KidsEmail, kids can have a safe email account which parents can monitor for their safety. Take note of its features:

    • Mail Monitoring – parents can receive copies of every incoming and outgoing email from/to the child’s account
    • Time Restrictions – parents have the option to restrict days and times of the day kids can log in. Parents are also able to ground their kids from using their email for a span of time, a custom message from the parent will appear when they attempt to  log in.
    • The Mail Queue – this feature allows parents to intercept emails that do not meet their safety standards. Parents can then choose to approve or deny the email from reaching their kids.
    • Block Senders – should parents prefer their kids to receive emails from anyone, they can still have the choice of blocking specific people from making contact with their kids by adding them to a custom blacklist.
    • Contact Manager – parents can choose to add family and friends to their kids’s contact list and deny or approve emails received/sent from/to anyone not found on the list.
    • No Ads – kids will not be bothered by ads at all when using KidsEmail which is really helpful as even ads on the net also contain inappropriate content.
    • Spam filtering – this ensures that no inappropriate spam will reach the kids.
    • Custom Mailbox Folders – kids have this option of creating their own mail folders to organize their emails.

 photo desktop3_zpsvjvautbh.png

You might be thinking by now how good these features are but wait. Other than these 8 cool features, there’s more:

      • Remove links and images – this can be enabled or disabled as needed.
      • Control attachment types – you can choose which attachment types to allow (e.g. power points, pdf files, etc) on the kids’ email
      • Offensive word filter – this feature makes its possible to filter all offensive words from incoming emails
      • Template options – kids can change the look and mood of their account by choosing from the available fun templates
      • Activity logs  – a record when your kids log in including their attempts to log in during a restricted time. which can be used on iOS, Android and Web platforms have been winning the hearts of many parents. You can read their reviews and also see the awards KidsEmail has received right here.

 photo 1f692e42-e45c-405b-91d4-f27a052a289f_zpsvxhp4mf1.jpg

KidsEmail is also very affordable. At only 2.99 USD per month (billed 38.95 USD annually), up to 6 email accounts can already enjoy its services and features. You can also choose a monthly subscription which covers 4 email accounts at only 4.95 USD per month. But here’s the good news! So you can try for yourself how useful its services can be for you and your family, you can try it for FREE for 30 days! It’s so easy to sign up, you won’t even need to key in your credit card details to avail this 🙂 Try it now!

Loving our kids also means protecting them, ensuring their safety as they navigate the online world. Investing towards their protection and safety is always good.