Times of Waiting & Soaking

I have this practice of regularly spending time before God, just waiting on Him, reading His word.

At times, I would do this with music — just resting and waiting on Him while I play songs on my computer or phone. When I still had my guitar, I used to play the music myself.

I thought it would be nice to share a playlist I have of these songs here which I was also able to put together through YouTube. Doing so makes it easy for me to play it while I work on my blog as the music would be available right here. And I think it would also be a source of blessing for those who are reading this and also seeking some time of refreshing before the true source of peace 🙂

After all, how can we share peace or love to our spouses, to our children, to others if we don’t have it ourselves? And to have it we go back to God who is the source of all the love (1 John 4:19, Jeremiah 31:3) and peace (John 14:27, Philippians 4:7). All we have to do is just to choose to go to Him, to go back to Him and He will welcome us every time. He will welcome us every time even if we have gone to places and situations where we know we should not have gone to. We are always welcome in His presence.

Take time to wait, to listen, to soak and be refreshed 🙂 Listen to this refreshing, soaking playlist below.

Men’s Health Concern & Treatment

Even in today’s society which is open to various things and changes, problems such as erectile dysfunction still remain a taboo. Sexuality has always been a sensitive topic and as such, it comes as no shock that a severe issue such as this is observed from a safe distance. Furthermore, given that sexual function is a very important aspect of each man’s life (it even defines certain individuals), it is understandable that erectile dysfunction is a condition about which men are reluctant to discuss. Luckily, even though it is a taboo, this doesn’t mean that there is no solution for it. To be honest, drugs for erectile dysfunction are regarded as the most common ones and most effective. Unlike some other medical issues, erectile problem is thoroughly solved giving us various options how to approach it.

In the world of pharmaceutical industry, name Viagra (otherwise known as Sildenafil) is a synonym for erectile dysfunction. This medicine was the first to provide a solution to this problem allowing for stronger and even longer erection than the natural one. As such, it rightfully took its place among various, similar treatments.

When a male is sexually aroused nitric oxide is being released into the body which in terms activates enzyme guanylate cyclase resulting in increased levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate otherwise known as cGMP. Problem occurs when a person has a mental insecurity or any other mental barrier during sexual intercourse. In that moment, substance called PDE5 is created within a body. These molecules have adverse effect on erection because they are destroying cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Having in mind that cGMP is responsible for increased blood inflow into the penis, without it there is no possibility of erection. Body simply cannot provide enough blood for penis to get enlarged.

 photo sea-man-person-holiday_zpsvsqyn2mw.jpg

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by either physical or mental disturbances. When you buy Sildenafil online, you are able to remove mental barrier. However, it cannot be used in a case of physical injury, deformity or any other type or physical issues that can impair penis from functioning properly. Simply put, this drug works by affecting chemicals and not muscle tissue.

Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor. Given that this substance causes loss of erection, by inhibiting it, we are allowing for natural process to continue undisturbed. But, have in mind that sexual stimulation is necessary for drug to work. The medicine doesn’t cause natural process to occur nor can it induce artificial erection. It only serves as a way to retain erection and remove anything that would’ve disturbed it. Sildenafil comes in a form of tablet. According to You! Drugstore, drug should be used half an hour before intercourse but no longer than 4 hours before sexual interaction.

Unfortunately, strong drug such as this is bound to create certain side effects within a body. There are numerous conditions that can prevent person from using it. Kidney, liver, eye, heart or pressure problems can disable patient from using it. Side effects of using Sildenafil are various and they range from stomach issues, to irritations and allergies and even mental problems.