One Evening with Ravioli

When you make friends with people from other countries, you have the benefit of learning a bit more of their place and yes, their culture. And you also get to know a bit more about their food. And in some instances, you also get a chance to taste what it is like.

Well, that is what happened when my husband and I got introduced to Dante Noaro at Ericka’s Pasta Story in Butuan City. This Italian businessman not only shared to my husband and me what his culture is like that one evening, we also had the added benefit of tasting the ravioli he personally prepared.

Dante loves to tell stories about his travels and of course, Italian food :)
Dante loves to tell stories about his travels and of course, about Italian food 🙂

What is the ravioli? The ravioli  (ravioli is plural by the way, it’s singular form is raviolo) are a traditional type of Italian cuisine. The ravioli are a type of filled pasta or dumpling. They are composed of  a filling sealed between two layers of thin pasta dough. But as Dante has said, the sky is the limit in your imagination when you prepare any food 🙂 And so the ravioli he prepared had dough mixed with different ingredients: some with malunggay leaves (moringa oleifera) in the dough and some with squid ink!!

Ravioli with tomato sauce
Ravioli with tomato sauce

The filling also varied for that evening’s ravioli: pechay (Chinese cabbage), squid and chicken meat. Ravioli are usually served with broth or sauce. What we had that night was a choice of ravioli with tomato sauce and ravioli with sage and butter. My favorite was ravioli with malunggay 🙂  This was the one with pechay  as filling and with sage and butter. It was supremely delicious 🙂

At the moment, ravioli is not yet fully offered at Ericka’s but you can order them by just giving them a call (tel. no. 341-3762 ) or getting in touch with them through Ericka’s Facebook page. They also have some good pasta and pizza that you can try. Some of these maybe a bit pricey from the more commercial ones we are used to but it’s because a good part of their ingredients come all the way from Repubblica italiana via Dante’s efforts, of course.

Dante visits the Philippines twice a year and personally trains the staff in preparing “real Italian food” (this is why their pasta and pizza do not taste like the ones usually sold in the country which are already “adjusted to Filipino taste”). And yes, he has inspired and collaborated in the creation of Ericka’s.


Pepperoni & Quattro formaggi (pizza with 4 types of cheese)
My favorite pizza: Pepperoni & Quattro Formaggi (pizza with 4 types of cheese)

Dante had plenty of stories for us that evening at Ericka’s but one of the best things we remember was the taste of the ravioli 🙂 Want some? 🙂

He’s Coming Back!

Yes, He is. Jesus Christ is coming back. And it maybe sooner than we think. Perhaps in our own generation.

We, who believe in Him and love Him need to always keep that in mind as we do our part in advancing the Good News of His Kingdom and in living out the purposes He has for us today.

For some who may know Him only by name, I hope and pray you will come to know Him more. Life with the Lord is a life with hope and purpose; it may not mean that you will have a problem-free life but there is true peace, love and joy in having the Lord. And for those who are yet to even hear His name in their own language and in a way that you could relate and understand, I pray that you will meet the Lord through media or through His messengers who could share to you the message of hope and salvation.

The return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the full establishment of His kingdom was actually the message of our pastor at church this morning. And prior to his message, the song sung by my husband during the offering time was also about the coming of the Lord! This was not planned or arranged (neither of them discussed with each other the sermon topic or the song choice).  What a confirmation that this is what the Lord wants to remind us all today. He will be back. His word says so (Zechariah 9: 9-17).

Below is Hillsong’s We Will See Him. This was the song performed by my husband at church this morning. Be blessed!

Our Trip to Phuket

A few months ago, my husband and I flew to Phuket, Thailand 🙂

Though I have been based in Thailand before for 3 years (while I was still single), I haven’t really had the chance to explore Phuket. And what makes this trip extra special is that my close friends, Gloria and Alice (together with her husband, Geoff) were also with us. Actually, it was Alice who “cooked up” the whole trip and we’re all glad that she did 🙂

Below are some shots taken at our hotel:

Front view of Marriott's Phuket Beach Club where we stayed.
Front view of Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club where we stayed.


At the Sala Sawasdee lobby bar.
At the Sala Sawasdee lobby bar with my hubby & friend, Gloria.


This is just a few steps from the lobby bar.
This is just a few steps from the lobby bar.


I just had to take a shot of this view again :)
Viewed from another angle 🙂

Suffice it to say that we loved our hotel 🙂  Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club is located at 230 Moo, Maikhao, Talang  Phuket Island.

More posts to come about our time in Phuket. Stay tuned 🙂

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