Staying Healthy This 2016

The beginning of a brand new year is always exciting. It awakens hope in the heart for new things to happen for the rest of the year. It is also a time when we usually get to set new goals, having had the time to review how the past year has been.

Speaking of goals, the coming in of a brand new year is definitely a good time to set goals including health focused ones which will be for the good of our health as well as for those of our loved ones.

How about from your end? Have you set your new goals for the new year, including ones for your health? I’ve thought of some for myself and I am basing them on some health tips which I have read as well as from my “healthier” friends and loved ones (notably, my healthy and fit husband). Here are 3 of these health tips which you might also find useful as you set your 2016 health goals:

  • Get enough sleep. Adults need 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep per night according to Sudhansu Chokroverty, MD, professor and co-chair of neurology and program director for clinical neurophysiology and sleep medicine at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center. He admits though that some people can and do function well even if they only get 6 hours of sleep while some people might even need as much as 9 hours of sleep. And how beneficial is it to get enough sleep? Doing a bit of research will show the many benefits that we could reap when we get enough sleep but here are 3 benefits that I like best and all are based on research findings: stronger immunity, better memory and (surprise!) better weight control. 

 photo morning-time-alarm-bell_zpsbkdunjox.jpg

  • Get moving. Some say that the enemy of the digital age is a sedentary lifestyle. It seems like with the passage of time, we have cut out exercise and physical activities from our day to day life. According to a Harvard Health Publications article Why We Should Exercise and Why We Don’t, research shows that we need 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week. The article also goes on to show that there are things that we can do everyday (physical activities) that can be considered as part of our “exercise” such as cleaning the house, using the stairs and dancing in a dance class or at home. And the reasons why we need to move it? There are 19 reasons listed by Susan Krauss, PhD, in her article 19 Reasons to Exercise in Psychology Today. Let me just give you 3 reasons that caught my attention: it reduces blood pressure, keeps the bones strong and builds intelligence (yay!).
  • Take that Vitamin & Supplement. According to WebMD, we need “roughly 40 vitamins and minerals each day for good health,” And the truth is “it’s not always easy to get all of those from food.” Thankfully, we can remedy this by regularly taking vitamins produced by our trusted pharmaceutical company. I am happy to note that the Vitamin needs of my husband and I could be met by Vigor-ACE. It has the Vitamins we need (Vitamins A, C and E) with nutrient amounts fitting the adult Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Adequate Intake (AI). It also has Selenium, Zinc, Lecithin, Soya.

 photo af460774-a937-42ff-a514-0b07ed703aa6_zpseclmgq9w.jpg

So how about it? I hope the health tips I mentioned will encourage us all to work towards our health goals for the year. Let’s stay healthy this year and even beyond 🙂

Earn Money Through Writing

While I wrote in an earlier post about possible ways to earn from blogging, there are still more ways to earn money using your skill with words.

Online Writing. One door of writing that has been opened to me was through using Upwork, an online platform where you can create your profile and then have the opportunity to get invited for job opportunities as well as bid for jobs in the site. You can check here for more information about how you can earn as a freelancer through their site. Through Upwork, I got this cool gig as a music blogger 🙂 I have monthly assignments and get paid through paypal 🙂

 photo person-woman-desk-laptop_zpsxx4bh8p7.jpg

Offline Writing, Editing & Proofreading. While you can also get writing, proofreading and editing jobs thru Upwork and other online platforms, it is also possible to earn from your skills of writing, proofreading and editing from your offline contacts. Yup, I mean the world outside your computer and internet contacts. The key is letting people you know that you are open to such opportunities. The way I did it is by mentioning it to my friends as well as on my blogs which I did here. I also listed my published articles/works which are accessible online here so that my readers and contacts will have an idea how I write. The blogs we write can also serve as our writing portfolio so let’s write well 🙂 Beginning late last year, two of my friends have been consistently asking me to do some writing and editing for them.

Offering Writing Workshops. Now this is a new one for me but a new contact of mine has encouraged me to do this, knowing the length of years that I have worked in both the print media as well as online (I have worked for newspapers and a magazine in the past and have a total of about 20 years of writing & editing experience; I also served as campus paper editor & department paper editor during my high school & college years) With her encouragement and collaboration, I will begin offering writing courses for kids and teenagers this coming summer (April & May in the Philippines) 🙂 This is quite exciting for me and God willing, I will also be able to help the younger generation in their own writing journey.

So far, these are the doors that have opened for me, more so recently. Thank God for them 🙂 And if you are currently searching for open doors for yourself, keep on honing your skill and spread the word around to your contacts. May you find the doors that God has opened for you in this season of your life 🙂