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Hi everyone! I am super excited that Jenny Saved A Penny now has it’s own domain! What better way to celebrate than to host a $100 PayPal giveaway! There is an option for a free sign-up option with announcement of the blogger opp and this giveaway is for everyone. I am so excited to be hosting this giveaway and if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email at jennysavedapenny@gmail.com. Feel free to check out the website Jenny Saved A Penny and give me feed back. It is still fairly new and a work in progress but I would love the input. The details are as follows. Continue reading “We Have Our Own Domain Paypal Giveaway”

Giving Your Sofa a New Look

With our recent move, I wanted to give a new look to our sofa.

I had been contemplating to get a new sofa/living room set but I considered my husband’s fondness for our sofa and the fact that there were other house needs that needed priority in our budget. We still needed cabinets and some kitchen furniture with the new house (the house we rented before already had cabinets and closets). I also did not choose to have the sofa re-upholstered since I was still considering if the cost would just be similar to getting a new one. The solution? I thought of getting a sofa cover.

The good thing was that our neighbor in our previous house is a seamstress. To make the story short, she was willing to sew the sofa cover as well as for the other 2 seats (one seater each) that comes with the sofa. For her labor, I paid P800 (about 19 USD) and for the cloth which I chose myself, I only got to spend P350 (about 8 USD).  The total cost is P1150 (about 28 USD). This means good savings on my part. A new sofa set would have cost me about P19000 (470 USD) and reupholstering would cost about P10000 (244 USD). Well, of course, I might still get a new sofa soon but it’s good to have several options to consider before getting one 🙂

Before the “makeover”


New cover, new look 🙂

Moving House During a Storm

That’s what my hubby and I exactly did: move during Typhoon Agaton signal no. 1 here in our city, in the Philippines. We had set the date January 18 as the date that we were moving house from our rented one, not knowing that a storm would come that day in the city as well as other places in Mindanao. Thankfully, even if the rains had been battering Butuan City for more than a week even before the storm, it was not all rain and wind that day. And so somehow, with the help of friends and church mates, we were able to move out to our new home 🙂 Thank God for his mercy and provision.

And so we now have a new address since the 18th. But even as I write today some areas in the city are still flooded. In fact, based on reports 90% of the city has been flooded; some city streets have thankfully dried up as of this writing.  Our place, thankfully, is flood free 🙂 Prayers and practical help for those severely affected by the flood are very much welcome.

Sharing some photos below; flood photos courtesy of my husband and his co-teacher:

Our house just before we moved in 🙂


This is actually a rice field a few meters from our village. It’s still flooded now.


Massive flooding affected Butuan City due to Low Pressure & Typhoon Agaton.


Flooding did not spare the main streets of the city.

Note: This post is my entry to 365 Snap-A-Day. 

A Blessed 2014

Before we know it, we have to bid goodbye to 2013! As we all say, how time quickly flies!

2013 for me personally has its share of joys as well as challenges. But I am thankful that with God’s grace, I could move on this year with renewed hope and expectation 🙂

I wish you, dear reader, a blessed 2014! A year of new opportunities, new hopes and joys as well as strength and wisdom to face this year.

I am also sharing this video below of Hillsong Australia’s song, Blessed. The song features verses from Psalm 84, a psalm which is very close to my heart 🙂  Be blessed and be a blessing this 2014!!