Natural Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping well can make an immense difference to your life, leaving you happier and healthier. Unfortunately, for many Australians, a good night’s sleep is a lot more complicated than closing your eyes and drifting off. Though it can sometimes feel like sleeping pills are the only option left to those of us who struggle with sleep, there are a number of natural solutions that you should try before making that trip to the chemist or doctor.

The Right Mattress Makes a World of Difference

If your sleeping problems arise due to discomfort, partner movements or lack of support, trading in your mattress could be the first step to more peaceful nights. When looking to upgrade their mattress Brisbane residents often choose latex because the material is known for responding to any movements you make to provide ultimate comfort and support. The ideal mattress is also one that won’t react to your partner changing position, meaning they can toss and turn as much as they like without it affecting you at all. Upgrading your mattress can be the quickest and often most effective way to improve your sleep.

A Stable Routine and Allowing a Natural Shut Down

For people who have difficulty falling asleep, training yourself into a routine is an important step in improving your sleeping patterns. Try going to bed at the same time every night, without exception. Although, at first, this might not seem to make any difference (e.g. you may find yourself lying awake for some time), your body will gradually become familiar with recognising that time as the signal to sleep and dozing off will become more natural. It also helps to maintain a consistent waking up time, even if that means shorter sleeps than you would like in the beginning.

Many people complain that they are unable to ‘shut down’ at the end of the day. A good way to reduce this problem is to ensure that your day includes enough physical and mental exertion to make sure you really need the sleep at night. For example, people with office jobs can try to do an hour of exercise each day to exhaust their body, while people with jobs that don’t require too much mental activity can play brain training games to make sure their mind will be too exhausted to keep them awake at night with useless thoughts.

Another crucial aspect of allowing your body and mind to naturally shut down for sleep is watching what you eat and drink before going to bed. It’s a good idea, from about 5.00pm onwards, to avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee. The same rule should be applied to foods as well – a small dessert is fine, but too much sugar will make it more difficult to fall asleep.

Don’t let your digital connectivity invade your sleeping hours.

Disconnect, Then Power Off

Smartphones, tablets and being online 24/7 are all part of our digital culture. And while these things are great and very useful at times, they can also be detrimental to sleep. Too many of us make the mistake of letting our connectivity invade our sleeping time, whether it be via work or social media. By posting updates and doing other things on our devices while in bed, we tell our brains that our bed is a place for doing things, rather than relaxing and resting. Try implementing a ‘no devices in bed’ policy to help you prevent your work and social media from interfering with your Z’s.

Everybody wants to sleep well, because when we get a good sleep, we feel better the next day. If you want to improve your sleep without relying on medication, try some of the above natural strategies and see if you can get to sleep sooner and sleep more comfortably.

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Three DIY Projects Everyone Should Try

Most of us have always wanted to have a go at a DIY project. But lots of people lack the skills needed to make and build things. Luckily, you don’t need to be a master builder to make things these days. All you need are the tools, a teacher or some videos and, of course, the motivation.

Keen to make something yourself? Here are three DIY projects everyone should try.

A Shelf

Making a shelf is not necessarily as hard as it looks. You’ll definitely need to practicea bit first, but it’s not going to take as much effort as you think – to build a simple one that is. Perhaps you’ve got a few too many books lying around, or don’t know what to do with all your DVDs? Easy, build a shelf. Practice with some spare pieces of wood, watch some Youtube videos or talk to a friend in the know, and before you know it, you’ll be a DIY pro.


Many of us are interested in renovating, but terrified that we’ll mess something up. The truth is, there are certain things that should be left to the professionals, but other things that you can take care of yourself. You can paint your own walls, for instance. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can even try for a feature wall. This could be a plain colour, different from the rest, or it could be something entirely different. Maybe you’ve got a creative streak and want to paint something unique? Go for it. You can easily paint over it if you’re not happy with the result.

A hired worker is busy finishing our kitchen. My husband & I are preparing to do the painting ourselves very soon 🙂


Gardening can be a fun and easy way to get involved with a DIY project. If you’ve got the space, you don’t need to be a landscaper to design your own garden. Think about the kind of things you would like to have: do you want a veggie garden? Some trees? Garden beds? Take everything into account and draw a rough sketch of your plans before you start the job. From there, all you need are some plants and other basic materials. You can make pathways through the garden beds with spare bricks, and use plain timber to separate the garden from the rest of your backyard.

The possibilities for DIY projects are limitless. Don’t feel restricted by any lack of ability, it’s easy enough to learn how to do. If you’ve got a friend, or a family member, who’s in the know, chances are that they would be more than happy to help you out and teach you a few things. If not, why not try tuning in to DIY programs when you’re watching television? Youtube provides a wide variety of tutorials on different projects. You might just find what you’re looking for. Before you start, make sure that you’re stocked up on Welding supplies , and everything else you’re going to need.

Removing Jar Labels

If you are like me who would like to use or recycle jars for varied purposes in the home, perhaps this post will help you. Before I use these jars, I remove their labels. Removing jar labels is quite easy. Below are the photos and the details on how to do it.

1) You can remove the jar label by using warm water. Below is my jar with its label.


2) After heating water, I placed the hot water on a basin and then soaked the jar in it. Note that the water level should be enough to fully soak your jar.


3) After a couple of minutes being soaked in warm water, as you can see on the photo below, the label was that ready to come off.


4) I used a spoon to scrape off the rest of the label and voila!! I now have a lovely jar without the label. Easy does it 🙂  Don’t you agree with me that it’s rather easy removing jar labels? 🙂