Seeking Legal Counsel

We wish we have a just, fair and kind world. But unfortunately this is not always the case.

Sometimes other people could hurt us by their word or actions. At times, it may not be done intentionally while at other times, it may be done with a clear aim to harm. The harm or unjust action could be done to our property or to our person.

These are some of my recent experiences as well as those of my close friends wherein we had to seek legal advice due to an unjust and harmful action towards us:

Housing and Property Issues. A couple of years back, my husband and I had to seek the legal counsel of a lawyer because a housing developer did not fulfill his part of the contract in building a house for us which we already paid a down payment for. The guy just kept re-negotiating with us to give him time when the contract clearly says the house was supposed to be built within 6 months. After a year passed, we finally sought the services of a lawyer who wrote the guy of our intent to sue him if he doesn’t return the money to us. The guy then gave us back our money.

Cyberbullying.  A friend of mine became a victim of cyberbullying. Actually, there was just one person who was bullying her, posting her photos online and saying bad things about her due to a simple misunderstanding. I advised her to consult a lawyer. She did not sue the person but she told him she will pursue legal action if he does not stop and that her lawyer will contact him. The guy finally understood that his action has legal consequences and promptly stopped.

Car Accident. It is most unfortunate that a friend of mine lost her husband in a car accident. And to add to her loss is the other party’s insistence that it was the fault of her husband despite the testimony of reliable witnesses of the incident. I encouraged her to employ the services of a lawyer. During times of loss and injury like this, legal support can be very valuable. This is the time to seek out legal help, to contact personal injury attorney tampa.

Just as we seek counselors and/or pastors for help with some of our personal and relational issues, we also need to know when to seek legal advice so that we may take the best steps forward to protect us from what is unjust and from further harm.

Romantic Places in Los Angeles

There are many ways in which couples try to rekindle their love life, either by going to see a romantic movie or having dinner in some fancy restaurant to woo their partners. The best way to make your dream come true is travel to Los Angeles to spend some quality time with your loved one. Take note that you can avail of luxury vacation rentals in los angeles. Now, from some of the most charming beaches of the world to getting to experience the real time life of Hollywood, this magical city has much more in store for two ardent lovers. So irrespective of whether you are on your last date or the very first one, these carefully selected romantic spots of Los Angeles will have your partner falling for you over and over again in no time whatsoever.

El Matador Beach
If your idea of displaying passion is to spend time on a secluded beach with your date, then El Matador is just the place which fits your bill. This desolate, but lovely stretch of golden sand, is perfect for a romantic stroll while walking hand in hand with your sweetheart. El Matador is one of the most spectacular beaches in the whole of Los Angeles, situated just about an hour away from Santa Monica. The beach is known for its stunning sunrises and sunsets, which make for the right ambience to make a proposal.

Inn of the Seventh Ray
Lovers find the hidden gem of Inn of the Seventh Ray an extremely romantic place, especially due to the beautiful topography of the Topanga Canyon in which it is cleverly hidden. This popular getaway for couples in Los Angeles is also ideal for enjoying local and organic food in a quaint garden setting, further enhanced by lights twinkling above your head and the sound of a flowing creek nearby which is certain to light some sparks.

Pantages Theatre
This famous theatre lies in the heart of Hollywood and was created in 1930. It is said that there is no better place to watch a show and impress your partner at the same time than on a night out at the Pantages Theatre. The idyllic setting is bound to cause a flutter or two in your beloved’s eyes in the background of this historical arena, where a night out is a sure heart winner.

Inside the Pantages Theatre.

Cicada Club
The Cicada Club, with a lounge bar reminiscent of the 1920’s, is a nightclub in it’s own right. Located on Olive Street, Los Angeles, guests have the option of dancing and dining on two separate floors to live music. The show is livened up by guest performers and has other surprises in store which are sure to liven up your date.

High Rooftop Lounge
Situated in Hotel Erwin in Venice, the High Rooftop Lounge is most popular with lovers who can cosy up in the blankets provided at the cocktail lounge just after the sun has set. Hands down the lounge has the best vantage points in Los Angeles to admire the views of Catalina Island, Santa Monica Pier, Getty Museum and the South Bay. The warm and friendly bar serves craft cocktails and delicious tapas, which are in great demand with locals and tourists alike. To ensure getting a seat with a view, it is advisable to make advance reservations.

Catalina island can be seen from the High Rooftop Lounge.

Disneyland Resort
From Captain America to Mickey Mouse, all ardent fans of the Disney characters will find bliss in the Disneyland world. So just grab hold of your partner for that perfect lover’s day out by walking down the main street with laser lights and parades galore happening from time to time. Enjoy the Matterhorn Bobsleds and Splash Mountain with your date and other big rides till you have had enough. To further impress your partner, spend the next day at the adjacent California Adventure Park too.

Oak Glen
Los Angeles is usually considered to be summer type destination, but there are many other activities which take place during fall, where sweethearts can enjoy the colorful foliage in company of each other. Approximately a ninety-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles will take you a tranquil location surrounded by bright colours and trees. Oak Glen is nestled right in the center of the apple producing country. Couples can have a wonderful time sipping on homemade apple cider and marvelling at the beautiful ranches.

Oak Glen apple orchard. Photo by Jessie Terwilliger

Club Tee Gee
Going on a date anywhere can be expensive, and when it is in a city like Los Angeles the cost is sure to exceed any budget. Having said that, there is a good reason to cheer for those seeking romance on a budget by heading to Club Tee Gee, located in Atwater Village. Wrap-around banquettes and wooden paneled walls with dimly lit lamps provide the perfect setting for privacy in minimal lighting. The affordable drinks and cocktails allow you to spend enough time to get saucy with your partner without having to break the bank.

Los Angeles is one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world, which in turn relates to more and more opportunities for love and romance. Whether it is with someone new or a long time partner, the City of Angels has a plethora of fun places for both of them to hang out together. From beach getaways to cosy private resorts with champagne filled baths, there is always something on hand in Los Angeles to get you and your soul mate in the right romantic mood.