How to Add Value to Your Home

As homebuilders construct modern houses like a well-oiled machine nearby your residential area, it may be a daunting task to inject the same worth on your humble abode. Suddenly, an orchestration of wild ideas permeate through your head comprising of a grand pool, crystal chandeliers and an outdoor tennis court. However, you ask yourself, do I really need all these ostentatious features? Regardless of how ancient or brand new your house is, it’s beautifully unique; but what are some of the things you could do to add some real value to your home? Below are ways to increase its worth; whether you’re in the process of selling or simply want a new makeover, these simple tips won’t damage your piggy bank!

A Fresh Coat

Increasing the value of your home could be as simple as applying a fresh lick of paint. Before you don your art smock, start by walking through each room and analysing which walls you’d like painted or have wall-papered. Sometimes by selecting to paint one specific wall a different colour, like a large feature wall, you can effectively extenuate the space and mood. Once these interiors are selected, decide on colours that harmonize with the existing decorations and lighting. Handy Suggestion: Don’t paint a room with warm colours if it’s already quite dark from the flooring or decorations; this makes the room feel small and cluttered. You can create space by painting with lighter colours paired with bold furnishing and a large painting.

Consider Floor Surface

Have your floors experienced one too many food stains, markings and small holes from wild pets and crazy children? It’s probably an ideal time to consider investing in fresh floors. After the careful selection of new paint colours, you need to decide on whether you want to stick with your current floor surface or try something different. From wooden floors to carpets, tiles to cemented floors, this decision will be based on the climate, the purpose and whether you’re housing small children and pets.

Updating Small Fixtures

Before you decide to invest your hard-earned moolah on tearing, refitting and remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, consider something as simple as upgrading your fittings. These include the modification of lighting, handles and sinks, creating a personalised finish on the rooms. Handy Suggestion: Don’t select fixtures that contrast with the theme of the house. For example, applying metal door handles for a kitchen that have a rustic, countryside appeal can greatly compete with each other.

Revamping the Garden

The thought of maintaining the upkeep of your lawn is difficult; however, designing a stunning garden can dramatically increase the value of your home. If you’re looking at creating an inviting outdoor environment for your humble abode, leading patio and deck specialists Additions Building have useful blogs and tips regarding outdoor constructions. Handy Suggestion: Selling your house and looking for an effective way of decorating your garden? Consider purchasing large pot plants with colourful plants or trees; you’re able to make your garden look appealing and bring these with you to your new home.

Do you know of any unique ways to add value to your home? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

DIY Painting: The Couple Who Paints Together, Stays Together

Now, that’s my reply when one neighbor asked us last Saturday, March 29, what the hubby and I were about to do as we went out of our tiny but lovely abode armed with paint brushes 🙂  When I said that I just didn’t mean painting, of course. But doing things together as a couple helps to strengthen a marriage and makes it more enjoyable.

DIY Saturday. And that’s what we did. The hubby had told me days before that he was planning to paint our own fence and he asked me if I would like to join him as well. Sure!! I was eager to try painting, I have never done it before 🙂

I enjoyed the experience. The sun could be hot at times but you know, I love new experiences 🙂  The hubby and I decided which parts to paint, I was given the task of doing just the 1st coating, after all, my hubby who is a teacher by profession but I would say your all-around Mr. Handyman, was the much better painter. He did the 2nd coating.

That's me doing the 1st coating.
That’s me doing the 1st coating.

Painting Materials. If you plan to do some painting yourself, what you just need are paint brushes, thinner and yes, paint. I just learned that you choose the size of your paint brushes based on the size of the area you are painting. That means wider surfaces, wider or larger brushes. For painting your house wall or any wall, you can easily use a roller 🙂 I am looking forward to try that soon as well 🙂

All you need is a paint brush, paint, thinner and a can-do attitude :)
All you need is a paint brush, paint, thinner and a can-do attitude.

My husband taught me that you mix portions of the paint and thinner. As far as I understood, this would help spread out your paint better. He did the mixing himself.

You would also need a ladder or an elevated platform to reach higher surfaces to paint. And using a good dose of sunblock would also be very helpful if you are painting directly under the sun. Save your lovely skin 🙂  And yes, drink lots of water. The sun and all those movements can leave you dry.

Benefits of DIY painting. The benefits of painting your own fence or home would include: fun time with your hubby, family or friends; doing and learning something new (for those like me who haven’t tried it before); exercise!! (all that standing, hand movements, leaning, squatting); saving money from hiring others to do it and creating conversations/relationships with neighbors. You might wonder what I meant with that last one. Well, we quickly found out that as soon as we began painting, a number of our neighbors (we just moved here a couple of months ago so we don’t really know a lot of our neighbors yet) would come over and chat with us 🙂  We had some pretty good conversation with 4-5 neighbors just by being outside our home, painting.

Super hubby doing the 2nd coating :)
Super hubby doing the 2nd coating 🙂

I think the only downside to what we did was that some of my muscles and joints were aching after. Hahaha. Unlike the hubby, it does show that I do not do as much exercise so my poor muscles and joints must have been shocked with that Saturday home adventure 🙂  We also forgot to apply some good sun block so our skin has this “deeper tan” that well, at least me, was not that so keen about 🙂

All in all, the hubby and I were pleased with our efforts. I am looking forward to our next DIY project. Stay tuned 🙂

What we finished so far :) The wall part to follow soon :)
What we finished so far 🙂 The wall part to follow soon.

Earth Hour 2014

Image: Savitskiy

Tonight, unity for a greater cause will once again take place.

From 8:30-9:30 pm (Philippine local time), my husband and I will be joining that cause. We will turn the lights out and keep the power off in our home, this side of Mindanao, Philippines and contribute what we can in our little way to Earth Hour 2014.

Check out more information on Earth Hour 2014 at And yes, see you under the stars 🙂

Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

A kitchen is the hub of any home. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, and it seems to draw people into it; people who want to engage you in conversation invariably end up in the room, coffee cups in hand. So if your Masterchef arena is looking a bit dated, there are many ways in which you can freshen up this daily meeting place. Changing the layout is a monumental task, but a few sneaky tricks will help you spice up your space!

Replacing essentials

Sparkling new taps and faucet will make your kitchen look modern and up to date. Replacing old cupboard handles with brushed metal handles can also make your kitchen look on trend. If lighting has been a problem in your kitchen, consider replacing the current light fittings with downlights or fittings that will give you more light and make your kitchen brighter.

Replace benchtops

Fashion changes on a regular cycle, even when it comes to kitchen benchtops. The vibrant colour you chose a decade ago may look out of place now. Big hardware stores can cut benchtops to size or you can purchase kitchen benchtops installation ready. There are companies that can also cut a benchtop to order. If you have a stone or solid timber benchtop, have the surfaces professionally polished and they will look like new. Replacing the splashbacks only will also give the kitchen a lift.

A new paint job

This is one of the easiest ways to freshen up a kitchen. Make sure you use washable paint. Neutral colours will give a feeling of spaciousness and can make a room look brighter.

Kitchen cupboards

The cupboards are perhaps the main visual thing in any kitchen. If they are in good condition, they can easily be painted with a paint specially designed to be used on laminate. However, if the exterior of the cupboards are in poor condition but the inner shell is in good working order, you can simply reface the doors and drawer fronts. A kitchen company can easily make these to measure.

New flooring

If your current kitchen floor covering is scratched and faded, you can easily install a floating laminate floor or vinyl. Existing timber floors can be sanded back and stained or given a protective coating to create a long wearing durable finish.

Many of these kitchen refurbishments you can do yourself. You can attend workshops run by hardware companies to get a quick lesson on what to do. Glass splashbacks in either traditional glass or coloured glass will make a kitchen look modern and fresh. clearly glass can provide you with a unique look that will create a talking point for your coffee cup holding friends! Glass is a good option if you want to provide a unique look and cut down on cleaning time at the same time. Glass is widely being used to transform the look of kitchens everywhere.