Make Mother’s Day Extra Special at Solaire



Mothers know best. But this time, Solaire has thought of the best for the special women in our lives. From the special discounted rates in the ultimate family staycation to the exquisite set menus in our fine dining establishments, we’ve made sure that this will be one unforgettable Mother’s Day.

Bring the entire family this ‘Mother’s Day weekend’ and stay in one of our luxurious suites with discounted rates. Under the Summer Family Getaway packages, our rooms go as low as PhP6,000++ for Deluxe Room Cityview and PhP7,000++ for the Deluxe Room Bayview. The special rates are also available in Grand Deluxe Cityview (PhP8,000++), Grand Deluxe Bayview (PhP9,000++) and 2-Bay Suite (PhP12,000).

Our amazing staycation packages come with an impeccable buffet breakfast for two adults and two kids age 6 years and below. For kids who are 7 to 12 years old, we offer a 50% dining discount. Your stay also includes a free use of the swimming pool and the fitness center. To test your luck, the package comes with PhP500 worth of gaming credits.

If you opt to celebrate mom’s special day with a lavish dinner, we have prepared delectable set menus in Fresh, Yakumi, Finestra, Red Lantern and Strip. Everyone in the family can enjoy our mini pizza creation of the day (Roasted Branzino in potato crust, Versuvio tomatoes, white wine and Gamberoni), Pasta Carbonara in rich and creamy sauce with pancetta bacon, Limon Cello lemon and Chicken Parmigiano at our Italian restaurant Finestra.

For the lovers of Japanese cuisine, meanwhile, we offer a special menu that includes Gyuniku Tataki (Seared beef strip loin with onion dressing and micro herbs), Yakumi Sushi and sashimi sampler, Lobster mini soup, Ebi tempura, Chilean Seabass teriyaki and Steamed Japanese style egg custard with foie gras.

Red Lantern also offers a sumptuous set menu for those who prefer Chinese dishes. The family can feast on Hand rolled Beijing duck, Pumpkin soup with seafood and white fungus, Deep fried crispy shrimps with sweet mayonnaise, Wok fried prime beef black pepper sauce, Steamed sliced fish with Tofu in black bean sauce, the seasons best vegetables with oyster sauce, and Braised noodles with spring onions and ginger sesame oil.

Steak house Strip also offers a Mother’s Day menu consisting of Green Pea sphere and crisp ham; Tomato salad dried olive oil and goat’s cheese; Foie gras crumble mousse with candied fruit and nut; Seared tuna blood orange sponge, watermelon and labuyo chili crust; Pork belly beer braised and tomato relish; Smoked Angus beef and Caramel Sand torch banana.

All of our set menus are priced at PhP1,900 and all come with the Solaire Mother’s Day creation, the Caramel cheesecake with red berries and white chocolate silk. If you want to go all – out however, our buffet outlet Fresh is ready with Lechon (Charcoal grilled suckling pig), Roasted prime rib of ‘Gold Label’ prime beef, Brioche baked whole salmon Coulibiac, seafood delights and a long list of desserts which include tarts, cupcakes, cookies, parfaits, doughnuts, puddings and cakes.

May it be the ultimate staycation or a gastronomic adventure in one of our first-class restaurants, Mother’s Day at Solaire is definitely a great bonding opportunity for the entire family.

For reservations, call 888 8888 or log on to for more details.

Car Concerns

A number of women friends and mothers I know do not really bother about the technical specifics of a car. They just tell me that as long as the car is durable, looks good and of course, functions — they are ready to drive it. And when there is a car problem, they just ask help from their husbands or male friends or they simply go to their trusted car mechanic. Now, they might be happy to know that when they have car concerns such as their car’s constant velocity joints (CV joints), they can find useful information online as well.

In fact, we can also know a bit more about automotive repairs by going online, doing some browsing. By the way, without going a bit too technical, CV joints would need to be in top shape so that our cars run smoothly, keeping us away from accidents. And so it is well and good that we have an idea what to do and where to have them fixed when they are not functioning well.

As for customizing cars, we can also get more information about it online; for one, metal fabrication also has a role in it. But then again, as long as we get quality service for that customized car and it is up and running, we may not need too much technical details about that 🙂

Of Hobbies and New Careers

Sometimes, our hobbies can blossom into part-time work or even a full-time career. And I think this can be really good. After all, isn’t it said that when you love what you do, it’s like you never have to work at all for the rest of your life. And hobbies are something we enjoy doing.

Some hobbies that can lead you towards some earning include: photography, singing, playing musical instruments, writing or blogging , painting, drawing, cooking. And I am sure you can even think of more.

There is even a great advantage now that we can all easily connect through the internet. It’s easier to find some gigs like in the fields of writing and of course, blogging and even for photography. In the field of photography for instance, there are sites where you can upload your photos and sell them there. Isn’t that cool?

I also have to add that of course, as a hobby of ours become interesting enough for others (enough for them to pay for our performance, service or product), we need to take it to another level. We aim to develop it more as a skill 🙂

If you are reading this and you are in the midst of a career slump, faint not. Take stock of your hobbies and skills. Maybe there’s a new career path waiting for you 🙂

Do you love taking photos like this? It can become more than a hobby.

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Up for a Ride

Just for fun one evening, my husband and I decided to check out some rides available in the city carnival here in Butuan City, Philippines.

I kept looking up at the cable rides and then finally asked my husband that we should try them. Well, to be honest, when we were up there, I didn’t feel that safe 🙂  I thought like we were going to fall any minute. But then I told myself to just enjoy it while it last. Well, we did survive 🙂 That’s why here I am writing a post about it. I would still like to try another cable ride in another part of the country, in another part of the world some time 🙂


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