Playing Guitar Music at Home

My husband and I play the guitar occasionally, more as a hobby, to bide the time or because we just want to sing a song. And so it’s a good idea to have a guitar handy around the house to just pick up and strum with at any time.

Buying quality guitars can be quite a challenge. Getting one with a good price is a consideration, too. Thankfully, we also have more choices now, including ones available online. Musician’s music friends have also referred to us this online site where you can purchase guitars and other music products.

We might just get a new guitar this year as we have already donated the one we have been using for some time 🙂

Watch 4 Filipino Acts Impress Judges & Audience in Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals

Four Filipino acts indeed wowed the judges and audience Thursday (May 7). All 4 acts received a standing ovation for their performances during Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals. Watch them again today and don’t forget to vote for your choice before Monday (May 11).

Here’s 10-year-old singer Gwyneth Dorado who was impressive with her cover of ‘Titanium’:

Here’s New Junior System dancing their way to the hearts of the judges and the audience. And yes, they simply got the moves 🙂

This beautiful lady with a golden voice may have been “robbed” of her chance to win in the local show Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1 of ABS CBN. It is weird that a judge during the competition wanted her to sing something popular or age-appropriate (Gerphil was in her teens then). It is clear that the judge did not understand that Gerphil Flores is not set on becoming a pop singer but a classical one. I would say perhaps that local stage was not meant for her but this much bigger one. I would love for her to win 🙂

Aside from Gerphil, my other favorite Filipino act is El Gamma Penumbra. I have really rooted for this group to also win in the local show Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 of ABS CBN. They reached the grand finals but unfortunately, they did not even place among the top 3 winners. My husband and I were really disappointed then. Then again, like Gerphil, I think they are also meant to be seen and known on a bigger stage. I also hope they will win! Just as they did in the local competition, they perform with a message which I think raises their artistry to another level.

May the best act win!