Earth Hour 2017 and Us

Last March 25, we switched the lights off and did our part in taking a simple step towards helping and promoting climate action.

As we switched the power off in our home, I realize there are so many things we can still do without power or electricity šŸ™‚

My husband and I had a longer conversation as the TV and our computers were off. I also watched the beauty of the stars spread across the dark sky. Thankfully, we can still enjoy that here in our part of the world — safely and without pollution marring the view.

Our dog Smoothy seemed to enjoy our one-hour power free home as it meant she can nudge us for our attention for a bit of play time and we can respond to here sans the distraction of the TV, computer or gadgets.

The earth hour is good for the earth, for future generations. But it is also good in making us appreciate conversations, nature, time with our loved ones. Perhaps, we might just go for an earth hour once a month or even once a week šŸ™‚

When a Cat Becomes a Hero

We have enjoyed having a dog around the house. With this experience, it has made me more aware and appreciative how animals can show affection and care to humans and even to other animals. And I came across this cool video of how a cat can becomes a hero in helping a puppy get back to safety.

Check out the video below from @GoHappiest Facebook page. Enjoy! And remember to be kind and helpful to others šŸ™‚