Songs to Inspire

Over several months, I have been making a playlist of some of my favorite Vineyard songs through the years.

Playing this playlist while I work at home has been such a blessing. The songs are a reminder how God loves us and how we are meant to know Him more. This in turn inspires us to also love others as we pursue God’s purpose for our lives.

My Kind of Sunset

 photo da17bce6-ab34-4686-b17b-327183f107f5_zpss8bbq9q2.jpg

Even as a child, I have always loved  watching sunsets by the port area or by the beach in Bohol (Philippines) where I was born. And through the years, it has become a habit of mine to take sunset shots in the different places I have lived in or traveled.

This sunset photo featured above was one I took in December 2015 in Surigao City at its laid-back Mabua Pebble Beach. My husband and I together with some friends visited Surigao and explored this beach.

The photo is among the many I have taken with my Samsung phone camera and kept among my photo file folders. And I thought it deserves to be shared and perhaps serve as a reminder to us all how beautiful nature can be — the sunset, the sky, the sea. And that a lot of things in life are really, still free.

Note: This is my entry to Skywatch Friday. Check the entries there and be inspired.

It is Well

Even before 2016 ended, my husband and I have had to face some challenges and this continued on after we welcomed the new year.

What has kept us steady is the reality that the Lord is holding us up, sustaining us with His grace. And so, as the song goes, it is indeed well with our soul.

We believe that God still has more in store for us as we journey through 2017. I pray that if you, too, are facing challenges in your life right now, you will also learn to lean on the True Source of Strength and be able to say that it is also well with your soul 🙂