Restful Times

Our daily lives can be so full of frantic activities. These could include things that we very much need to do in the context of our jobs and in our homes. However, we can always make a choice to make spaces for ourselves to slow down a bit, to take a pause, to rest.

Rest is needed by our own bodies. And a rested and restful us, to my opinion, makes us better employers or employees, better husbands and wives, better fathers and mothers. And yes, it even makes us better friends. In fact, rest must be that important that even our Creator gave us a picture of rest early on as He set about creating our world (Genesis 2:3).

One of the things that eases me towards my own resting space for a given day is music. Aside from playing from my own collection of songs, I also browse YouTube from time to time for some restful selections that I could play. And right now, I am listening to beautiful pieces which have been made available to me and to everyone, well, who finds, them πŸ™‚ Β Check it out yourself, just click below:

Valentine’s Day: Not Just for Couples

Valentine’s Day is usually pictured as a day for lovers particularly for couples. In fact, some people would just say that they can not relate to this day since they are single, they are just half of a couple.

Well, as for me, I say that if Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day to celebrate love, to enjoy love, to show love then it should not just be looked at as a day for couples. After all, we all give and receive love not just from someone of the opposite sex that we are attracted to or attached to, we also have love relationships and experiences with our family members, with our friends. And may I add that we are also able to enjoy divine love from God.

You may not get roses or chocolates this day but it does not mean you can not celebrate this day. You only need to look around you and yes, even above you, and appreciate all the care and affection that has been given to you. Love is not just for couples πŸ™‚

Below is a video that has blessed me so much when I saw an older version of it many years back. Perhaps this will also fill your love cup just as it did, as it has mine through the years πŸ™‚