Colors to Brighten Our Day

There are some days in our lives that seem to be sadder than the others. Now some would say that adding a bit of color in your day can make a difference. This could mean wearing something of a brighter color. Some would say that we need to let our eyes focus on objects with bright colors for a moment. What about you? Have your sadder days been brightened up by some cool colors lately? 🙂


Note: Thanks to my nephew, Kits, for taking this photo.

Summer Sunset

In my part of the world, we begin to count the summer months by the month of April and even sometimes as early as March.

Sunsets and star-lit skies always fascinate me. Taking photos of the stars or the sky at night is more challenging though.

Below is a capture of the summer sunset as the hubby an I were on the road, on the way to a meeting. Somehow, this capture has reminded me of Psalm 113:3-4: “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised. The Lord is exalted over all the nations, his glory above the heavens.”



What Refreshes You?

There will be times when we are tired. It can be a tiredness which is physical, emotional even spiritual. I would say it is important to know what would refresh you so that it will help you recover and then continue on with your share of challenges and excitement in life.

One of the things that refreshes me is taking the time to enjoy nature. It can be watching a tree and its leaves swaying to the silent tune of the breeze. It can be walking barefoot on the sea shore. I also find it refreshing to have a friend to talk to and yes, pray with me.

Life will always have its share of challenges. We can face them and find ways to be refreshed when we are weary. We are then ready again to live this life that we have.


Note: This post is also linked with Wednesday Whites.

Beach Time


There is always something about going to the beach that relaxes me.  Perhaps it is the rhythmic movement of the waves or the feel of the sand beneath my bare feet. Or perhaps because nature really has a calming effect on me.

Enjoying, exploring the beauty of the sea and the wide expanse of sky at the beach, always, always reminds me that life is much bigger than our daily challenges and concerns.