Our Pet Dog Loves Bitter Gourd!

I’ve been meaning to share this for some time šŸ™‚

Below is a short clip of our pet, Smoothy and guess what, she’s eating? Vegetables! And not just any vegetable, her favorite one is nothing less than the bitter gourd! That’s bitter gourd or ampalaya as we call it in our language šŸ™‚

May this video make you smile today! And also remind us all to go ahead and eat our own share of vegetables. Let’s be healthy this year and always!

Our dog Smoothy loves Ampalaya/Bitter Gourd šŸ™‚ #pets #dogs

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Tips on Facing the Challenge of DIY Projects

There are some amazing DIY projects that you can find uploaded on YouTube and even posted on Facebook. My personal thought is that it looks so simple but when I try them they seem sooo hard šŸ™‚

Eyeglasses Beside Pink Yarn on Pink Bed Blanket

Anyways, I have had my own share of DIY projects at home and would be posting them soon. My husband is good with this and some of his projects have included making cabinets and shelves at home šŸ™‚

Are you always thinking of doing a project yourself and yet have not even started it? Or perhaps, you’ve already began but you have no energy now to finish it. Well, here are three simple tips that might help you move forward with your project.

  1. Enlist your family or friends in the project. Nothing beats the fun of doing a project together. It helps you get motivated to do it and to actually finish it. And it can be a lot of fun, too. You will get tired and even dirty as you do the project but you can factor in the fun and bonding moment that you get to share with them.
  2. Start with simple projects first. Choose the basic and simple ones first. This means less work for you and finishing it soon will bolster your confidence to go for a more complicated or difficult project next time. Make it easy on yourself first especially if you haven’t done projects like this for some time or if it is your first time.
  3. Make sure you have all the materials you need. Make sure that you have all the materials you need before you begin. You see, if a material or tool is missing, you will end up looking for it or going to the store for it and it might cut the momentum you’re already enjoying as you work on the project. So gather them all — whether it be a needle, hammer, cloth or even cables and kits check it out at GuitarCenter.

Finishing a project can bring a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for you and for your “workmates” once it is done. Work on that project now, keeping these tips in mind.

Earth Hour 2017 and Us

Last March 25, we switched the lights off and did our part in taking a simple step towards helping and promoting climate action.

As we switched the power off in our home, I realize there are so many things we can still do without power or electricity šŸ™‚

My husband and I had a longer conversation as the TV and our computers were off. I also watched the beauty of the stars spread across the dark sky. Thankfully, we can still enjoy that here in our part of the world — safely and without pollution marring the view.

Our dog Smoothy seemed to enjoy our one-hour power free home as it meant she can nudge us for our attention for a bit of play time and we can respond to here sans the distraction of the TV, computer or gadgets.

The earth hour is good for the earth, for future generations. But it is also good in making us appreciate conversations, nature, time with our loved ones. Perhaps, we might just go for an earth hour once a month or even once a week šŸ™‚

Exchange of Old Philippine Banknotes Extended Further to June 30, 2017

UPDATE: A new extension has been announced by the Central Bank of the Philippines. The new deadline in exchanging old bank notes is now on June 30, 2017. You can find more details here.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! šŸ™‚

The exchange of old Philippine banknotes has been extended until March 31, 2017. The deadline of exchanging these old banknotes first issued in 1985 was supposedly last December 2016 but the Central Bank of the Philippines (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas-BSP) has extended the deadline.

If you still have the old banknotes then make use of the extension and bring them for exchange in the banks and at BSP. I have done my share of exchanging some of my old notes which I found hidden away in some of our drawers at home šŸ™‚

You can check my earlier post about the demonetization of the 1985 old banknote series; you will also find a link there to a list of BSP offices and branches.