3 Things to Do at Home During Rainy Weather

If you are not a homebody, it can be a struggle when the rain or the snow just takes over the day and you finally conclude that just this time, you will just have to stay home.

So what to do on such days? Actually, there are many things that you can do while at home but I’m just listing 3 here for starters 🙂

  1. Turn on your creative, artistic side. While you may not have paintbrushes to start painting, perhaps there’s a pencil in the home that you can start sketching with. You can even draw with a pen if you choose to. If there’s a musical instrument in the house, why not play a few chords, notes now? You can also just exercise your imagination and creativity by trying to write a short story or even a poem. And who says writing letters isn’t an exercise in creativity? Write some for your family, friends. If doing crafts is also something that interests you, then this could be the time to pick it up again. Perhaps you can even go ahead and continue that DIY project you’ve been meaning to do. 

  2. Connect with friends and maybe do some online fun. This is the age of the internet and social media. Use this time to connect with friends and loved ones via email, chat or via social media. There are of course, games you can also play online. There are plenty to choose from. Just keep the balance between connecting to people and your own personal play time. 

  3. Engage your mind. For me this means taking the time to read, not just the latest news but also commentaries, books. Watching a movie and then discussing it with your family afterwards I think is also one form of engaging our minds. I think it’s even a good idea to read or watch something that is not in line with your work so that you expand your perspective and views in the process.

Don’t let boredom kill you on a rainy or snow-filled day. You can still create, connect and engage 🙂

5 Things to Do on a Staycation (Without Breaking Your Budget)

My husband and I did a lot of travel last year. This year, although we would have loved to take a short trip or two outside our city, we decided to cut down on this as we have some extra expenditures this year (for one, my husband is pursuing his masters this year).

So what to do when you have a long break from work due to declared non-working holidays? Well, a little bit of creativity will help in making your “staycation” relaxing and interesting. Here are some of the things you can do on a staycation:

1. Catch up on your reading. There is always something interesting to read 🙂 Reading engages the mind and brings you to places and situations just by the power of words.

Aside from the Bible, I read all kinds of books. My major bias, of course, is reading poetry books. But one book that has recently caught my attention is Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. While this is not a new book, it is something that I have not read 🙂

While you can purchase your books from shops, don’t forget that not only can you purchase them online but there are also free books including classics which you can access and even download for FREE online. Gutenberg.org is one site where I access free books.

 2. Watch movies. While it may not always be convenient to drive to the nearest theater to your home, you can always watch movies on cable TV or even through online. For us, we watch movies through cable but one other thing I do is also to check out movies that have been shared on YouTube. Should we decide to watch a movie from YouTube, we just connect my laptop via HDMI cable wire and we have the movie on a much bigger screen 🙂  Of course, if you have a Smart TV then there’s no need for that cable wire 🙂

Aside from movies, there are TV series which are also available online.

3. Indulge on a hobby or start a new one. It’s time to do it: cooking a favorite dish, doing gardening, playing that musical instrument, painting a new scene, writing a poem or a short story. If you have always complained that you never have time to do your hobby or things that interest you, then this is the time to do it.

4. Take time to play. Play sports with the family. A game of badminton or table tennis perhaps. You can even go simpler by just taking the time to play tag with your kids and yes, the dog 🙂 Play time can be a lot of fun but think also how it can get your body moving. So that’s fun plus some exercise as well. Board games can also be good. For my husband and me, we also play computer games to relax 🙂

5. Visit the park, the museum, the beach.  Public parks are free. Most museums will charge a small fee. As for the beach, this is an easy option if the beach is within driving distance from your place. Another alternative is if you have a swimming pool at home, you can schedule a pool day where you can also invite your friends and their kids over. Meal time or snack time can be done potluck style.