The 5 Most Common Creepy Crawlies in Any House

That black thing that darted across the floor. Those sticky legs that are just out of reach from the end of your broom. Those eyes you can feel peering at you from under your fridge. Creepy crawlies – in your house, just waiting for that moment when you’re not looking to dart out!

Whatever the case, every house has its share of pests. For some, they become part of the furniture. For others, they eat the furniture. Some find that their furniture becomes a comfy place for pests too.

So what creepies are you sharing your home with? Two legs, four legs, six legs, eight legs, more? What’s hiding under your couch? Here’s the top five that you’ll usually find lurking.

1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches have a scary reputation with some people saying that they can survive without their heads, while others claiming that roaches can survive a nuclear holocaust. Whatever the case, these six-legged creatures give everyone the heebie-jeebies. Hiding in dark places, crawling over your benches, flying just as you try to splat them. It seems nothing around the house can truly get rid of them!

2. Spiders

Regardless if you pass the harmless Daddy Long Legs or stumble across the feared Redback Spider, any member of the arachnids are sure to give the unprepared a fright! You can keep them around to eat the flies, or you can chose to sleep safely at night. The choice is yours. Want a good night sleep? Call an approved Pest Controller, such as  Trusted Pest Management, to rid your home from the eight-legged fiend.

3. Ants

If they are so busy, why do they get to come to all the picnics? Thankfully, the ones with the nasty bites are outside. The inside ones are just annoying – finding every last crumb you leave out and making their way into your kettle. What’s that – ant-flavoured coffee not your cup of tea?

4. Termites

These creepies are never to be underestimated. They’ll bore through your house and de-stable it before you can eat your morning toast. If you’ve got termites, you’ve got some issues that need to be addressed, pronto.

5. Mice

Whilst ‘Ratatouille’ was a great movie, not many people would want mice in their kitchen. Their large cousins, the rats carried the plague across Europe a few centuries ago. Do you really want that type of family in your house, spreading their germs in your kitchen, on your couches, in your kid’s play-area?

Every house has it’s creepy crawlies. Are there any that you have that have not been listed? What creepies keep you up at night? Insects, snakes, spiders? What methods have you found effective in getting rid of the odd creepy crawly? Have you got any ‘home grown’ methods you use, or have heard of, to rid your house from unwanted pests? Drop your ideas in the comments below – share what you’ve heard about pest extermination – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hilarious!

Going Green at Home

I know it’s the month of June but I only realized now that I haven’t written a post yet about our cute garden at home. I wish to share about it so that others will be encouraged that even if they have apparently limited space at home they can still grow something green. Plants will add some life to your home and even provide something for your meals as well 🙂

Here is how one corner of our place looks like last March:



My hubby and I had decided that outside our fence we will have some ornamental plants. And this corner inside the fence can have some vegetables, spices or herbs along with some ornamental plants 🙂

By April, we have added some more plants to our healthy corner 🙂 This is how it looks like:


And so beginning last April, we already had some “harvest” which we were able to add/spice up our dishes/meals 🙂

The hubby has planted ampalaya (bitter gourd) and malunggay (moringa). Do you think they have survived? Find out on my coming posts 🙂

It’s good to have your own supply of vegetables, herbs or spices even in any tiny part of your home address. You should try it if you haven’t done so.