Aiming for a Healthy Gut

How is your 2016 so far? Have you set health goals for the year and would by any chance, have you included aiming for a healthy gut as well?

Now as to what it means to aim for a healthy gut. Detoxifying your colon doesn’t just remove the excess body weight but it also makes you feel better generally. Expulsion of toxins that accumulated over time improves your digestive system. As toxins are flushed away regularly, irregular bowel movement, constipation, and other gut problems are prevented.

You can actually detoxify regularly by adding FatOut to your diet. FatOut has this Sweep and Shred formula which helps in cleansing your colon and trimming down your extra fat. FatOut sweeps away toxins from your colon and shreds excess body fat. It is a combination of the following amazing ingredients – Psyllium Husk, Green Tea Extract, Pu’er Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Powder, Alfalfa and Oat Fiber – that promotes good digestive health and boosts weight loss all together. Regulate your bowel movement and prevent tummy problems by constant removal of toxins.

Now, if you happen to be a fan of the Chinita Princess, Kim Chiu, this is something you would enjoy: experience a pampering kind-of-day with her with FatOut. Check out the official FB page of FatOut for more information.

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The Whitening Way

I’ve not been really into using whitening products but as the world heats up around me and the sun especially darkening my skin more than I am ready for, I find myself willing to try them. A lot of thanks also go to a friend who who made it possible for me to try these lovely products:

 photo 1625deb7-323c-49ce-ada5-5a48ded38aee_zpsg7hfsiql.jpg

The good thing about Gluta White and Firm is that it has a whole range of skin whitening products. As you can see they have a facial wash, facial cream, exfoliant white facial cream, exfoliant white facial toner and even an exfoliant white body lotion! They even have a soap, deodorant and facial powder! Now that’s a complete beauty regimen for you and me!

What I have particularly appreciated from their complete set of products is their facial wash and exfoliant white body lotion.

The Gluta White and Firm facial wash is gentle on the skin and it smells good, too! I could see that consistent use of the product for several weeks can help lighten up our sun-soaked skin 🙂  I also appreciate its packaging which is quite different from other facial washes in the market. I find it convenient to use and there is no fear of spilling should you place it on your beauty pouch and bring it with you during one one of your travels.

The Gluta white exfoliant body lotion seems a bit thick as you squeeze a portion of it but as your rub it on your skin, you will see that it is easily absorbed. You don’t only get a fairer skin with this product but you can also see how it can smoothen your skin. And did I mention it smells good, too?

Using the facial cream, the exfoliant white facial cream and the exfoliant white facial toner assures you that your whitening and beauty regimen is nothing less but complete 🙂

And so if you’r looking for whitening products to try, you should check out Gluta White and Firm. When you do, let me also know how it works for you.

You can also check out Gluta White and Firm FB page for more information about their products as well as some helpful beauty tips.

All for a Clean Colon

Cleanliness is such a big deal for Filipinos that as we were growing up we have heard and have been told many times that “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Some of us may even believe that phrase is taken from the Bible itself. Well, it is not found in the Bible. But still it is a good thing to value cleanliness inside and out.

Talking about our physical bodies, there is also such a thing really as being clean on the inside. For instance, there is a value in keeping our colon clean.

We can take steps to make our colon clean for a healthier you and me. Thanks to ATC Healthcare, their FatOut capsule can indeed help us take care of our colon, our digestive system.

When our colon is cleansed, it pushes out undigested waste, clearing the way and helping us absorb good nutrients better. With a healthy colon our digestive system allows us to easily pass undigested waste through our system. This can result to having lesser risk of digestive problems and disorder. This also helps with weight loss.

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Have you been waiting for your Fairy God Mother? Then wait no more! FatOut is giving you the Ultimate Royal Treatment with The Chinita Princess, Kim Chiu! Get ready to be pampered and meet your Idol, FatOut’s newest endorser Kim Chiu! What are you waiting for? Go hit the nearest Drugstore and buy FatOut now! In order to receive a royal invite all you have to do is: Collect all receipts and foils of your FatOut purchases. Register your receipts online to make your entry and tickets valid. Here’s the link! Claiming of Royal Invites will be 1-2 weeks before the event. For questions, visit and send us a message!

FatOut has the revolutionary Sweep and Shred Formula which helps in cleansing our colon and trimming down our fat. Psyllium Husk sweeps and cleanses toxins in our colon while Green Tea Extract shreds and burns our fat.

FatOut eliminates hard-to-digest fats and helps detoxify the colon. It nourishes the digestive system which can help in proper bowel movement and digestion. The sweep and Shred formula can help you and me lose pounds without putting our health at risk.

FatOut is not a medicinal drug and is not used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

FatOut is to be taken daily, before every meal, preferably with a warm glass of water. It is available in all Mercury Drug stores and other leading drugstores nationwide for SRP P125.00 per capsule.

For more information about FatOut, visit

Naturally Deodorize Your Home

It is good to always try new things, new products. It’s a good to know what your options are especially in terms of home products. And speaking of home products, we recently got the chance to use 360 Deodorant Hotate Spray.

Now if you are wondering what I am talking about, I am referring to a natural deodorizer made from scallop shell. Yes, you’ve heard it right — a deodorizer can actually be produced out of scallop shells.

Scallop shells actually have a strong and natural deodorant effect. And spray made from scallop shells has actually the ability of strong alkaline. Based on research, a large number of viruses and bacteria are actually killed with alkaline of over PH12.0. Take note that the Hotate Spray has 12.0-13.0PH.

 photo ac23b26b-ba0b-442f-b8ef-71a84aa1e94b_zpsuspbriwv.jpg

We recently got a pet shih tzu dog and while we are still toilet training it, we are glad that we can use the Hotate Spray on areas where it has “accidentally used” as bathroom in our home 🙂  My husband himself has noticed that using the spray takes out any smell in the bathroom or kitchen (especially after cooking strong smelling food). This deodorizing spray is indeed very useful in the home.

To know more about 360 Deodorant Hotate Spray and to order it online, you can check this website here.  For purchases of more than 70 USD, you can actually have free delivery of your chosen products. Try it out for yourself. Take time to try something new and natural for a change.