dee’s Chronicles is an effort to write about things close to my heart. Here, I will be writing about the home, marriage, the family and also what interests and inspires me, including my walk with God. I will also venture into reviews of products and services. And because my husband Daryl has influenced me with a greater love for animals by bringing pretty fishes and a cuddly dog (Smoothy) home, I will also write about pets from time to time. Contributed articles by guest writers will also be appearing on this blog and yes, I receive sponsored posts as well to sustain the presence of this blog in the web.

Memorable New Zealand trip with the hubby 🙂

Call me Deli. It’s the name I’m known by in blogging. I began my blogging attempts in 2011, thanks to the persistent encouragement of a friend. You can find here my first effort in travel blogging. As for dee’s Chronicles, I started this in 2013; you can check out my very first post here.

I worked in the print media long before I began writing content online; at one point I worked as an Associate Editor of a print magazine in the Philippines. I also have my share of literary attempts (poetry and fiction) which have also seen publication. And I was a surprised and happy recipient of a poetry award in 1998 given by a national magazine.

I give credit to my late parents, Jun and Linda Sales (both lovers of reading and writing) for influencing me not only to enjoy reading but to journey the path of writing. I have 4 other siblings residing in different parts of the Philippines as well as abroad.

I value my walk with God, reading His Word and living a purpose-driven life. In one season of my life, I served as a missionary in a Southeast Asian country and at one point, I was also given the privilege to serve as a pastor together with my husband, Daryl, in Mindanao, Philippines.

I found the love of my life when I relocated to Butuan City, Philippines in 2007. The amazing irony, if I may call it such, is that I found out that Daryl and I were both born in Bohol. By the time we met, I have already lived in 5 different cities within and outside the Philippines. I guess it was like coming home to my place of birth by marrying someone from there 🙂  

Should you want to reach out to me, you can email me here: selah131(at)yahoodotcom. Thank you for dropping by. May you have a wonderful day ahead of you!