Earth Hour 2014

Image: Savitskiy

Tonight, unity for a greater cause will once again take place.

From 8:30-9:30 pm (Philippine local time), my husband and I will be joining that cause. We will turn the lights out and keep the power off in our home, this side of Mindanao, Philippines and contribute what we can in our little way to Earth Hour 2014.

Check out more information on Earth Hour 2014 at And yes, see you under the stars 🙂

Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

A kitchen is the hub of any home. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, and it seems to draw people into it; people who want to engage you in conversation invariably end up in the room, coffee cups in hand. So if your Masterchef arena is looking a bit dated, there are many ways in which you can freshen up this daily meeting place. Changing the layout is a monumental task, but a few sneaky tricks will help you spice up your space!

Replacing essentials

Sparkling new taps and faucet will make your kitchen look modern and up to date. Replacing old cupboard handles with brushed metal handles can also make your kitchen look on trend. If lighting has been a problem in your kitchen, consider replacing the current light fittings with downlights or fittings that will give you more light and make your kitchen brighter.

Replace benchtops

Fashion changes on a regular cycle, even when it comes to kitchen benchtops. The vibrant colour you chose a decade ago may look out of place now. Big hardware stores can cut benchtops to size or you can purchase kitchen benchtops installation ready. There are companies that can also cut a benchtop to order. If you have a stone or solid timber benchtop, have the surfaces professionally polished and they will look like new. Replacing the splashbacks only will also give the kitchen a lift.

A new paint job

This is one of the easiest ways to freshen up a kitchen. Make sure you use washable paint. Neutral colours will give a feeling of spaciousness and can make a room look brighter.

Kitchen cupboards

The cupboards are perhaps the main visual thing in any kitchen. If they are in good condition, they can easily be painted with a paint specially designed to be used on laminate. However, if the exterior of the cupboards are in poor condition but the inner shell is in good working order, you can simply reface the doors and drawer fronts. A kitchen company can easily make these to measure.

New flooring

If your current kitchen floor covering is scratched and faded, you can easily install a floating laminate floor or vinyl. Existing timber floors can be sanded back and stained or given a protective coating to create a long wearing durable finish.

Many of these kitchen refurbishments you can do yourself. You can attend workshops run by hardware companies to get a quick lesson on what to do. Glass splashbacks in either traditional glass or coloured glass will make a kitchen look modern and fresh. clearly glass can provide you with a unique look that will create a talking point for your coffee cup holding friends! Glass is a good option if you want to provide a unique look and cut down on cleaning time at the same time. Glass is widely being used to transform the look of kitchens everywhere.

Here Comes the Month of March

The month of March signals the beginning of summer days here in my part of the world. And I look forward to less rain but at the same time, I hope it will not be too hot as well 🙂 Oh, well, we all have these ideas as to how weather should be and yet we know, only God holds the keys to weather doors 🙂

When he thunders, the waters in the heavens roar;
    he makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth.
He sends lightning with the rain
    and brings out the wind from his storehouses.
Jeremiah 10:13

Before, we totally say good bye to February 2014, let me share just a couple of shots of this love month 🙂

A foggy, February morning in our village (Butuan City, Philippines)


Sweets from my Sweet on Valentine’s Day 🙂

Jenny Saved a Penny’s $100 Paypal Giveaway

What would you do when $100 goes into your paypal account? Would you finally buy that item you’ve set your eyes on online? Would you give part of that amount to your favorite charity or perhaps just let it slide nicely into your savings? You’ll have time to think about that but be sure to join Jenny Saved a Penny’s $100 Paypal Giveaway to get that chance to win $100 Paypal cash 🙂 The giveaway is part of Jenny’s celebration in getting a new domain.

We are just so thrilled to have our own domain!

To celebrate Jenny Saved A Penny is hosting a $100 PayPal giveaway!

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