Here Comes the Month of March

The month of March signals the beginning of summer days here in my part of the world. And I look forward to less rain but at the same time, I hope it will not be too hot as well 🙂 Oh, well, we all have these ideas as to how weather should be and yet we know, only God holds the keys to weather doors 🙂

When he thunders, the waters in the heavens roar;
    he makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth.
He sends lightning with the rain
    and brings out the wind from his storehouses.
Jeremiah 10:13

Before, we totally say good bye to February 2014, let me share just a couple of shots of this love month 🙂

A foggy, February morning in our village (Butuan City, Philippines)


Sweets from my Sweet on Valentine’s Day 🙂

Jenny Saved a Penny’s $100 Paypal Giveaway

What would you do when $100 goes into your paypal account? Would you finally buy that item you’ve set your eyes on online? Would you give part of that amount to your favorite charity or perhaps just let it slide nicely into your savings? You’ll have time to think about that but be sure to join Jenny Saved a Penny’s $100 Paypal Giveaway to get that chance to win $100 Paypal cash 🙂 The giveaway is part of Jenny’s celebration in getting a new domain.

We are just so thrilled to have our own domain!

To celebrate Jenny Saved A Penny is hosting a $100 PayPal giveaway!

Giveaway is Co-Hosted by

Luv Saving Money


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Are You House Hunting?

Are you moving out from your current address and in the process of house hunting? You might just find the infographic below very helpful.

While there are many reasons why people relocate, there are certainly several factors to consider as you choose a new home.

You need to consider the distance of your new address from your workplace, the kind of neighborhood you will be moving into (this is linked to safety and adjustment issues on your part) and of course, you have to check if the house is well within your budget. If it’s your first time to buy a home, you might want to check out this article on what first time buyers need to know before going house hunting. It’s quite helpful.

Back to the 5 Love Languages

Years back, a friend of mine lent me a book by Gary Chapman on the 5 Love Languages. Needless to say, the book helped me understand myself and others better. It has certainly helped me love others better.

When I tied the knot with my husband 4 years ago, my understanding of the love languages has helped me appreciate and understand his love language. And I believe this has helped us towards a very fulfilling marriage. What about you? Do you know the love language of your spouse, your kids or even your own love language? Maybe you do and you just need a little review about them 🙂 Check out the video below.