Birthday 2019 Surprise

I turned one more year older (and hopefully, wiser) yesterday (1/31).

Now, my husband has functioned as the OIC for their school department since last year and his responsibilities include working beyond 5 pm on some days during the week.

Well, it so happened that the day of my birthday was one of those days.

And so he would have to come home late that day and so we agreed that we will just have a date on the weekend.

But then hubby still had some special plans for my birthday, after all. I was just contentedly at home yesterday when this surprise arrived, by special delivery from MadeitSimple:

I’m really thankful that my hubby took the time and effort to surprise me with this bouquet of white roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates — they were such bliss to the heart and to my taste buds!

Thank you, hon 🙂

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