Not All Fruit Cakes are Created Equal

The fruit cake (or fruitcake) as its name suggests is a cake made with fruit (chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit) as well as nuts and spice. While there may be a fruit cake for everybody, as sang by the Filipino rock band Eraserheads, in the end not all fruit cakes are really made, created equal. Some just fit your taste, some are just a delight to your palate.

The fruity gift
The fruity gift 🙂

I have always thought about getting a fruit cake for Christmas for a few years now but somehow I always keep forgetting to get one when Noche Buena comes. But this year, I count it a blessing that I got one as a gift 🙂 Thanks to Ericka’s Pasta Story 🙂 But since my hubby and I would most probably be away from home during Noche Buena this year, we decided to sample the fruity gift earlier.

Well, we ended up finishing off the fruit cake in just two sittings. It was too delicious to resist and keep inside the refrigerator for long 🙂 Truly not all fruit cakes are created equal.

The last 4 slices!!
The last 4 slices!!

Ericka’s Pasta Story, an Italian Restaurant and Cafe, is located along Km.4, Libertad, Butuan City. You may reach them for fruit cake orders and more through their FB page or through land line: (85) 3413762.

And now for some trivia:
Do you know that if a fruit cake contains alcohol, it could remain edible for many years? Based on reports, there is a fruit cake baked in 1878. It is kept as an heirloom by the family of Morgan L. Ford in Michigan. And guess what? Jay Leno sampled it on The Tonight Show in 2003.

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