5 Things to Consider Before You Move House

Making the decision to move house is one of the biggest ones you will make in your life. It’s up there with death of a loved one, and losing your job in the stress stakes, so why do we do it? A lot of the time we have to move for one reason or another. It may be a new job, a new house we’ve bought, or we just need a change. Whatever the reason, there are a few things to consider before you make the move. Here are 5.


If you have the choice of choosing when the move is to take place, then you might want to consider when the best time of year to move is. Moving during storm season is probably not the best idea, since there is a chance that all of your lovely belongings might get wrecked from the rain. Conversely, moving during the hottest time of summer is not going to be much fun, and you will have difficulty roping friends/family in to help you. If time is on your side then why not wait until even weather so that you know you are not going to have to battle with Mother Nature while doing the hard work.

Downsize Your Stuff

A really important thing to start doing at least 3-6 months before you move, is to start downsizing your stuff. One thing you don’t want to do is pack things that you don’t really need anymore and cart them to a new house, when they could have been let go of, and saved yourself a lot of work. Start downsizing the things you don’t need such as extra kitchen gear, bedding, furniture you no longer want and other bits and pieces that are no longer needed in your life.


Having said that, if there are things that you don’t want with you right now, but you know you still want in your life then why not put them into storage, at least to give yourself time to work out what to do with them. If you are not sure about a piece of furniture then put it into the storage unit until you are ready to sell it, or bring it back into your home. Storage facilities such as Fort Knox Storage Australia have loads of different storage options available, so your large, or small items can be safe until you want to look at them again.

Who Will Move You?

One big thing to ask yourself is whether you are going to do the moving business yourself, or get someone to help you. Getting a removalist in will save you the hassle but it will cost you a bit more than if you decide to do it yourself. If you have the extra cash and can’t be bothered doing it yourself then go the removalist!

Can You Afford It?

If you have thought about moving on a whim, but are not sure about it, then one question to ask yourself is ‘can I afford it’. No matter which way you look at it, moving house is going to cost you some money, so if you are happy where you are, and don’t really need to move, ask yourself is it worth moving?

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  1. Fidel
    November 27, 2013

    When you’re tired, not much seems appealing. But moving to a new place can somehow bring in new inspiration.

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